Learn Basic Microsoft ASP.Net Development with Visual Studio (Udemy.com)

Learn: C#+CSS+HTML+JQUERY+Visual Studio 2013

Created by: A O

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Download and install Visual Studio
  • Create a project and run it in a web browser
  • Understand the purpose of web.config
  • Create a project and run it in a browser, and examine the HTML in a browser
  • Understand the concept of a code-behind file
  • Understand the concept of an object and its properties
  • Build a simple user interface using drag and drop
  • Understand the purpose of a CSS file, and how to connect it to your HTML
  • Write an external C# Class for performing arithmetic
  • Write a small amount of code to check for errors
  • Write code to convert strings to numerics
  • Learn how to create user controls and add navigation
  • Learn how to find, download and install SQL Server
  • Learn how to connect ASP.NET to SQL Server and view the results live
  • Learn how to use the List View with Paging and SQL Server
  • Learn how to update, delete and update data from a web page with SQL Server

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Course Description

Important Notice:
Please note this course is now 6 years old.
Please keep that in mind in case you decide to enroll.
It has to be updated.
So it doesn't have the same level of professionalism as my newer courses.
I have not had time to do that because of my full time job.
Thank you for reading this note carefully.

In this course you learn how to build a calculator that can be used on the Internet. Then you explore the world of ASP.NET in more detail by looking at controls of various types, controlling page layout, connecting to databases, using validation controls, and using JQuery together with C#, and ASP.NET. There is now also a section that deals with Razor, the syntax used in MVC. This is a simplified approach to programming that will have you working with databases and tables quickly. This is a good alternative for those who find regular ASP.NET a little too overwhelming at first. Let's begin!
1) This is the only udemy course with more than 35 quiz questions so you can feel confident you're truly learning.
2) This course uses Visual Studio, a powerful, 100% free programming environment widely used in industry.
3) This course teaches the basics of C#, Asp.NET, HTML and CSS, so you can see how these technologies work together to create a complete solution.
4) This course also gives you an introduction to objected oriented programming
5) This course also gives an intro to SQL Server and data connected web pages.
Once you watch the videos, and complete the quizzes, you'll have a solid understanding of some of the most important aspects of making C#, ASP.NET, HTML and CSS work together happily in a powerful programming environment. These are skills you can put on your resume. Who this course is for:
  • Programming Newbies

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Instructor Details


I love computers , math and programming.
I teach because it gives me great joy to understand things deeply and to share that knowledge with others.

My education:
1. Master's degree in Statistical Computing
2. BA in mathematics

3. Professional development certificates from Microsoft in each area below:
1. Deep learning with Python
2. Introduction to Artificial intelligence
3. Data science with Python
4. Math for machine learning
5. Data science research methods with Python

4. Professional certificates from other schools:
1. Columbia university certificate in introduction to corporate finance
2. MIT certificate in introductory economics



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I have had full understanding off everything and is excellent for starters and user friendly

useful class. good examples. explained well.

this cours doesnt help to learn

Great instructor!

By Smac on

The teacher/speaker does a very good job explaining the functionalities within asp.net.

Slow down - Talks very fast and need more practice on each topic.

Step by step.Good for total beginners but being an intermediate developer you can skip the first few sections to move the advance sections

thanks for explaining everything in so much details

professional and fast!

Need a bit more detailed explanations

thers in not introduction lecture to explain what the program do and instructor talk quick and most of the courses use drag and drop ! D&D is not good way for serious programmers

This course is generally OK but instructor missed to explain some important concepts like jQuery. There is jQuery syntax which instructor didn't explain or explained partially. What is good about this course is that the topic are good and useful.