Learn DevOps: Advanced Kubernetes Usage (Udemy.com)

Covering Authentication, Authorization, Logging, Helm, Deploying with Spinnaker, Prometheus, Scheduling and more

Created by: Edward Viaene

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Use enterprise features within kubernetes
  • Set up kubernetes authentication/authorization
  • Do automated deploys on kubernetes using Spinnaker
  • Use centralized logging on Kubernetes using ElasticSearch, Kibana, Fluentd, and LogTrail
  • Monitor Kubernetes and applications on Kubernetes with Prometheus
  • Proxy Microservices with Linkerd

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Overall Score : 80 / 100

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Course Description

Kubernetes Advanced Usage is the second Kubernetes course in the "Learn DevOps: Kubernetes" series. If you don't have basic Kubernetes experience, make sure you follow first the course "Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course".
This course covers:
  • Logging using ElasticSearch, Kibana, Fluentd, and LogTrail
  • Authentication using Auth0
  • Authorization using RBAC
  • Packaging using Helm
  • Deploying on Kubernetes using Spinnaker
  • Batch and Scheduling using Jobs and CronJobs
  • Microservices on Kubernetes using Linkerd
  • Federation using kubefed
  • Monitoring using Prometheus
This course assumes you can setup your own cluster using Minikube or Kops. If you are looking for a course how to setup your first Kubernetes Cluster, take first the "Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course"Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who already knows how to use kubernetes, but wants to learn about advanced usage

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Instructor Details

Edward Viaene

I've been a System Administrator and full stack developer for over 10 years, the typical profile for a DevOps engineer. I've been working in multiple organizations and startups. I've cofounded a startup that focusses on applying DevOps and Cloud. I have been training people in newer technologies, like Big Data. I've trained a lot of people working in FTSE 100 & S&P 100 companies. Today I mainly work together with companies to improve their software delivery processes, while coaching and teaching on platforms like Udemy.



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really great course with much in depth knowledge transfer

Good course. A bit short and the authentication demos did not work for me.

All the content in this course is very relevant, but in 2019 looks like this one here needs some revamping, but still, very useful for people who's working with Kubernetes on a daily basis.

Ist ok, einfach nicht sehr inspirierend - unter anderem ist die monotone Art zu Sprechen des Trainers nicht hilfreich. Von einem "advanced" Kurs htte ich auch mehr best practises erwartet.Und dann wird im Kurs das zwei Jahre alte Kubernetes 1.7 verwendet - jetzt sind wir bei 1.16, da wre ein Update angebracht.Allgemein ist der Kurs sehr Cloud-fokussiert. Das ist gut wenn man das braucht. Fr On-Prem Deployments ist das weniger hilfreich.

I really appreciate the extended explanation of what's available commercially vs. Opensource

Decent but not as good as the main kubernetes course in terms of valueJob resource and scheduling are simple topics and should have been in the main courseLogging is interesting but package management and RBAC are already covered in the main course and i think the Linkerd, Federation and Monitoring topics were pretty meh especially since istio has a somewhat similarWell anyway, Edward's courses are overall great but this one just has a bit less value in term of contents compared to other ones. If you want to discover more use cases, go ahead, otherwise the main course will be enough to know most of what you need

It's better to have a detailed workflow diagram (as shown in linkerd section) for the example being discussed before each topic, instead of just executing commands for deployments. This helps in understanding the concepts better when multiple resources are interacting with each other. It's very easy to lose track by just watching the commands.

It was not helpfull for me. As experienced guy i was waiting for something more complex. Looks like we dont have such course in udemy. You course was last try :)But thank you very much for that lection! It will be realy helpfull for other guys

Edward, fantastic sessions. Very much worth my time. Thank you!

spinnaker videos need to be updated

Course content was very basic and skimmed over things too quickly. Mostly was just running commands and very little explaining and concepts. Not an advanced course by any means, barely an intermediate one.