Learn Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables (Udemy.com)

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables.

Created by: Simon Sez IT

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • How to setup a pivot table in Excel 2010
  • How to setup a pivot table in Excel 2013
  • Filtering a pivot table and chart
  • The basics principles of a pivot table
  • Using slices

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Course Description

Want to learn how to use Excel Pivot Tables? You can! During this introductory course on Pivot Tables, we'll teach you the basics for working with them in both Microsoft Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. We'll start with some basic concepts and terminology. Then we'll provide an easy to follow example using some fairly straightforward data and develop a pivot table and a pivot chart. We'll then move into some of the more advanced aspects of Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to show how powerful both are. Note: All videos are high-definition and are therefore best viewed enlarged and with the HD setting on. Who this course is for:
  • Those with some knowledge of Excel who are new to Pivot Tables

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Simon Sez IT

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By Carlos Chvez Gonzlez on 9 months ago

Very good and informative

By Denise on 11 months ago

I learned a lot.

By Heather Lehman on 2 years ago

good, basic coverage of features. a bit slow for people just wanting a refresher, but excellent for beginners!

By Rona Boucher on 3 years ago

Excellent, move at your own pace and replay the sections that you want. Very informative although there could be a little bit more content for those that have never used Pivot Tables.

By I Blount on 3 years ago

My Excel is rusty and I needed to brush up on use of Pivot Tables for a work assignment. I paid $19 but a few days later there was a sale and this course (and many others) are now just $10. Either way, it was a good value. This course covers Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. I have Excel 2016 on my computer so there were some adjustments I had to make on my end but the material was enough for me to get what I needed. By the end, I felt confident working with pivot tables again and learned some new tricks/tools to impress my boss. :) Each lecture was broken down into easy to understand chunks. My feedback is that I wish there was a set of data to download (I made my own to work with) and some cheat sheets with reminders to just have handy.

By David Bridle on 4 years ago

This was a great starter course to understand the power of Pivot Tables. It has truly transformed everything I am doing.

By Jillian Phillips, PhD on 4 years ago

Excel is a valuable tool in which education needs to be in small organized doses in order to be effective. This was excellent instruction for Pivot Tables.

By Biju Thomas on 4 years ago

One of the best on the topic; expressed concisely and clearly. Good to understand under which circumstances are these tools useful.

By Miles Kishimba on 3 years ago

Excellent course with very clear explanation step by strep through out the course. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn the Pivot Tables and excel in general.

By Daniel Clayborn on 4 years ago

The course has plenty of techniques to improving your excel report and adding features such as slicers to give dynamics to your presentations. Great class. Thanks!

By S?awomir Stro?ski on 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this course. I'm satisfied with the content. I won't hesitate to recommend this course to others. Keep doing good job!

By Bassem Sayed on 4 years ago

For those with limited/no experience at all working with pivot tables/charts.Also for experienced excel users, you'll definitely learn few new tricks extremely useful for further analytic reports with dynamic charts & filtering options