Learn Python For Data Science

This YouTube course by DataCamp is a 40-part video series that explains how to use Python in data science. While it serves as an introduction to data science applications of Python, it is not an introductory coding class. The free YouTube series can be supplemented by a paid course run through DataCamp.

Created by: Filip Schouwenaars

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Python and data science.
  • Variables, types and lists in Python.
  • Functions, methods and packages.
  • Statistics, graphical exploration and data analysis.
  • Visual representations.
  • SQL queries.
  • Using databases in Python.
  • Matplotlib.

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

data science Awards Best YouTube Tutorial

In this tutorial you learn all about how to use Python for Data Science.



    • YouTube tutorials are always free and repeatable - one of their greatest strengths.
    • Course delves well beyond the basics of Python and gets deep into databases for data science.
    • Course caters to an audience that already understands the fundamentals of programming and doesn't waste time on things you already know.
    • Content covers the usage of powerful resources. Accessing and installing them can provide barriers in completing the course.
    • Interaction with instructor is extremely limited unless you pay for the additional DataCamp course.

Instructor Details

Filip Schouwenaars

Filip is the passionate developer behind several of DataCamp's interactive courses, covering both R and Python. Under the motto 'Eat your own dog food', he has used the techniques DataCamp teaches its students to perform data analysis for DataCamp. Filip holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.



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By Purushotham Sharma on 1/24/2019

Beautiful! i appreciate the explanation and concept explained.

By Yogesh Kulkarni on 11/3/2017

I want to thank the Datacamp team and specially the instructor. Very precise and well done slides, you guys are not wasting time in writing the program and running it.

By Michael DeGuzman on 12/7/2017

This was an amazingly well-explained, crystal clear, explanation! Thank you so much for putting together this video!! I've been struggling to understand the process, and finally, your concise, step-by-step, well-articulated tutorial really made it easy to understand!!

By mamatha tr on 10/26/2018

excellent way of describing the things with a most small set of data and simple examples which helps in easy understanding.

By Immanvel johnson on 9/29/2017

Very Useful. Thank you so much for your videos.