Learning ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC - Beginner to Developer (Udemy.com)

Learn ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC 6 from the ground up, develop custom applications and use Entity Framework Core with LocalDB

Created by: Vojislav Kovacevic

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn ASP NET Core MVC from the ground up
  • Develop your own ASP NET Core MVC applications
  • Use Entity Framework Core and LocalDB

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

The newest and best ASP.NET MVC version is here, and it is Core 2.0.
Learn it in 3.5 hours!
The newest Core version has many changes compared to MVC 5, so take this no-nonsense and to the point course to learn everything you need to know in the shortest amount of time possible.
This course teaches you the newest and greatest ASP.NET MVC (Core) from a complete beginner to developer level and how to use Entity Framework Core for database integration as well.
All you need is some C# knowledge and Visual Studio 2017 (community edition, it is free).
Learn everything you need to know in order to develop your own custom ASP.NET Core MVC applications.
What this course covers (among other things):
  • Controllers
  • Razor
  • Routing
  • Areas
  • Views
  • Tag helpers
  • Using Entity Framework Core
  • Database integration (LocalDB)
  • Bower
  • Bundling & Minifying
NOTE: If the current asking price is too much for you feel free to message me for a discount!
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn ASP .NET Core MVC

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Instructor Details

Vojislav Kovacevic

My goal is to create courses that I wish existed when I first started learning the topics I teach. You can be sure that my courses are always concise (as much as it is possible), to the point and practical.
You cannot go through a course of mine and not have practical and real world skills at the end of it.
I strive to teach practical and real world examples that can be of benefit immediately and can be built upon to further your knowledge of the subjects covered.

I am a programmer with years of experience and with great practical knowledge of PHP, Java, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and HTML.



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The course has covered all the parts that i needed to know as am improving my skill as a developer

El curso esta bastante bien explicado menos la ltima parte (Miscellaneous), que era un poco confusa.

this course doesn't cover anything about mvc request pipeline, authentication, authorization and filters.

Clearly explained with some simple examples- Read lots of books in the past on ASP-NET CORE- I could have saved a lot of time if I got here first. This course has given me a great overview of how asp.net core works and now look forward to diving deeper.

The course is laid out well, and the instructor steps you throw the processes of ASP.Net MVC web applications, but I get the feeling there's not much support if you run into a problem. If you're looking for a deep dive into this subject, as well as a complete mastery at the end of this course, this isn't for you. But if you are looking for an excellent first stepping stone into ASP.Net MVC applications, this is a great course for that.

I really enjoyed this course .. short explanations and to the point .. you have to complete all course projects to get most out of it .. stick it to the end and its worth the effort!!..well done tutor!!I

I thought Vojislav did a good job with this course; direct and to the point. I would say, though, that I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to a beginner with no experience with .NET Core 2 MVC. For me, as an experienced .NET developer I followed along fine and it was a nice refresher for me as I don't often use the built-in MVC features (I typically do SPAs). A beginner might find themselves lost or not really understanding what is going on.At the same time, if you like the "Jump in and get your hands dirty" learning approach, I recommend this one.**Note: this is more of a how-things-work instruction rather than how-to-build-this-type-of-app instruction.

Great course. Straight to the point. I only wish it were a little longer. I enjoyed every bit of it.

really well explained, he doesn't seem in a hurry to cram everything in a short video like everyone else here.by really well explained i mean he takes time to explain every single setting,dependency or part of the project, he also explains how everything works instead of saying "this works because this exists and its solves it"

Kinda of they need to update the visual studio 2019, the one they use in this video is old!

Is good but sometimes is a bit basic the explanation

perfect material and i would have to compliment the instructor he's content and way of explanation is bang on and he is very helpful in clearing doubts