Lightroom CC: Landscape Photo Editing Course (

Turn your landscape photos into beautiful works of art with this easy-to-follow Lightroom editing course!

Created by: Phil Ebiner

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • You will learn how to edit landscape photos to look amazing
  • You will learn a complete A to Z process for editing landscape photos
  • You will learn how to properly edit exposure and color
  • You will learn how to use advanced filters and brushes

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Course Description

You want your photos to look amazing, right?
Perhaps you come home from a photo shoot or your latest travel, and the photos you shot just aren't as magical as the ones you see other photographers posting.
It's time to start editing!
This landscape photo editing course will teach you how to make your photos look incredible!
You'll love this course if you enjoy watching full length Lightroom editing tutorials.
We'll start with a basic process for editing any type of landscape photo, then we'll build on that with more advanced edits like graduated filters, brushes, split toning, and more!
Follow along with downloadable practice files for every lesson!
It's best to learn by doing. So when you enroll, you get access to all of the RAW photo files to practice with.
We'll be editing in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. It's best that you use the same version of Lightroom. But if you have another photo editing app, you'll still be able to follow along. The process is basically the same no matter what editing application you use. It's just the buttons and things will be different.
Learn a professional process with all of the following tools:
  1. Crop & aspect ratio
  2. Exposure adjustments
  3. Color temperature, saturation, vibrance
  4. Clarity, dehaze and other filters
  5. Tone curve
  6. Focused edits using graduated, radial and brush filters
  7. Remove unwanted spots with the healing brush
  8. Split toning styles
  9. Color styles and presets
  10. and so much more
By the end of this course you will be confident editing photos in Lightroom and making them look better than ever!
We have a 30-day 100% moneyback guarantee, so there's no reason to hesitate.
Enroll now and we'll see you in lesson 1!
Phil EbinerWho this course is for:
  • Photographers
  • Landscape Photographers
  • Photo Editors

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Phil Ebiner

Can I help you learn a new skill?
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In 2011, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Film and



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The course is a great tool for me. I am an amateur photographer, and I mostly shoot landscape and wildlife because that is what I enjoy. This course is very helpful as I strive to get better shots right out of the camera. But, editing is almost always a must to push most photos over the top.

By Jeffrey Peterson on 8/25/2020

I'm learning a lot about how to better use the radial and graduated filters with color and luminance masks. This will help me make much better edits. I also learned how to apply vertical and horizontal corrections in the Transform panel to help make pictures taken with a wide angle lens look better.

By HeardinLondon on 7/5/2020

As someone who always struggles with photography stuff being presented as too geeky and coded and inaccessible, I found Phil's teaching style really helped me get my head around a lot of things I have previously struggled with.

By Toni Taiwo on 7/16/2020

The course is a lot less in-depth than I thought it would be, didn't really finish it. I found there to be better resources on youtube.

By Yamilka Mirambeaux on 6/17/2020

The material so far has been explained in a simple way. Easy for me to understand as a beginner.

By Karun Sharma on 5/6/2020

Great technique explained in a simple way. I enjoyed the sessions and in fact instead of using the course photos, I used my own photos which I had edited on my own earlier and followed the instruction to get a completely different and amazing look as compared to my own editing earlier!

By Anton Aleksandrov on 7/4/2020

Very nice tips regarding Lightroom usage and photo editing, helped quite a bit to improve my own photos!

By Marjorie Canatoy on 3/20/2020

A really good match for me. Although I'm just a newbie for using Lightroom Classic, I can still follow what Sir Phil is clicking while editing haha Thank you so much.

By Warraphan Kaewchan on 4/21/2020

This course is suitable for an experienced learner in Lightroom. The instructor explains a very clear voice so that you can follow him easily.

By Jerry Harris on 4/20/2020

The step by step/workflow approach is very good and helpful for me.

By Mary on 3/24/2020

This is great help. Thank you so much for helping me keep my sanity during these difficult times.

By Nora Georgieva on 3/7/2020

Overall it's ok. But if you are not a beginner like me, the course will be of no use to you.