Magento Business Practitioner Prep Course

This is a highly effective course to help you achieve the Magento Business Practitioner certification. It contains 10 hours of video instruction, coursework to help you get the needed practical experience, your own Commerce website (with B2B), and access to a dedicated discussion group.

Created by: Joseph Maxwell

Produced in 2018

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Course Description

This prep course prepares you to take (and pass) the Magento 2 Solution Specialist certification. The certification is a 60-question test covering how to use Magento and how to map Magento's solutions to a merchant's needs. It also tests a candidate's knowledge of some legalities, general ecommerce knowledge and conversion rate optimization.

Course objectives:

The course matches the objectives laid out in the Magento study guide for this test. If desired, this easily fits into a 7-week study program:
  • Week 1: Objective 1, eCommerce concepts, B2B module, Multi-Source Inventory
  • Week 2: Objective 2, Magento Architecture, Hosting, API, Scopes
  • Week 3: Objective 3 (Part 1), Magento admin and security features, content staging, sales
  • Week 4: Objective 3 (Part 2), Selling features, content management system and reporting
  • Week 5: Objective 4, requirements gathering, internationalization, legal compliance with the Magento application, returns
  • Week 6: Objective 5, catalog features
  • Week 7: Test-taking concepts (BONUS), final review

The Magento Business Practitioner is a 7-week class that will present and help you acquire the knowledge necessary for you to pass the testguaranteed. In these classes, we present information to help you understand the material covered in the exam, work through practice questions, learn test-taking strategies and make homework assignments for the week.

Please understand that this is NOT a "here are the questions to memorize" type of class. Nor is it "here are some tricks to remember." Rather, our focus will be to help you acquire the knowledge you need to pass the test.
  • On-demand: webinars are released weekly, watch on your own timing. While it is pre-recorded, you have full availability of the exclusive community.
  • Your own Magento 2 Commerce environment with B2B enabled.This is available for three months. You can choose whenever you would like it to start.
  • Exclusive access to a discussion group.
  • Weekly exercises. We review your work to ensure that you are on a path to success.
  • Additional practice tests / quizzes.
  • Guaranteed. We have your back in preparing to achieve this certification.

    This is for someone who is committed to passing the test. Our commitment is to help you achieve that.
    Beyond that, we will approve candidates who have at least 8 months of experience in ecommerce and Magento 2 projects.

    1-2 hour/week classes.
    3-6 hours/week studying, completing exercises.
    After you try for your certification, send us your results (we keep this private and use it to help improve our resources).

Instructor Details

Joseph Maxwell

Joseph is the founder and director of SwiftOtter. As a 2019 Magento Master, he has received the highest award given to the Magento community.

He has extensively worked with Magento for almost 10 years, developing modules and performing system enhancements. Joseph speaks at conferences throughout the country to do his part in building the developer community.

Joseph's passion is helping people: whether creating amazing user experiences for merchants, writing hundreds of pages of study guides and practice questions for Magento developers, or helping one of his three children learn something new and exciting about life. His days are full, but in a good way, as he lives life to the max.



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By Bartosz Kubiak on 02/23/2020

Unfortunately I didnt have a chance to check the official Magento U materials, but as for today (23rd Feb 2020) I couldnt find a better deal for a knowledge resource than the prep course available on It is really an amazing value for $350. You can also select the gold version for $600 with extra course work review and money back warranty, but this will require you to document your progress (including screenshots of finished assignment tasks - and there are a lot of them).