Marc Levoy


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Instructor Bio

Marc Levoy is the VMware Founders Professor of Computer Science (Emeritus) at Stanford University and until 2021 a Distinguished Engineer in Google Research. In previous lives he worked on computer-assisted cartoon animation (1970s), volume rendering (1980s), 3D scanning (1990s), light field imaging (2000s), and computational photography (2010s). At Stanford he taught computer graphics, digital photography, and the science of art. At Google he launched Street View, co-designed the library book scanner, and led the Google Research team that created HDR+, Portrait Mode, and Night Sight for Pixel smartphones. Awards: Cornell University Charles Goodwin Sands Medal for best undergraduate thesis (1976), National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator (1991), ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award (1996), ACM Fellow (2007). His Google team's software for Pixel phones won DP Review Innovation of the Year (2017 and 2018) and Smartphone Camera of the Year (2019), Mobile World Congress Disruptive Device Innovation Award (2019), and other awards.

Marc Levoy's Core Subjects

  • photography