Instructor Mark Price

Mark Price

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Mark is a veteran mobile developer having built over 57 mobile apps for iOS and Android, and he's also build multiple Unity 3D games, including Call of Duty Ghosts mobile. He also spends most of his days now as a professional engineering instructor - changing the lives of students throughout the world - helping them make amazing salaries as engineers. Mark's passion is helping people reveal hidden talents and guide them into the world of startups and programming. He currently is teaching iOS 10, Apple TV & tvOS, React & Flux web development, Objective-C, Swift 3, Android, Javascript, Node, and Java. He also teaches Unity 3D game development.

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Mark Price is just amazing!
- Review by Murat Yurtdas

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Mark Price's Courses on Udemy.com

  • Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB(2016)

  • 3.8 (100 Reviews)

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    • Time: 18.5h

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  • Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node(2018)

  • 4.0 (100 Reviews)

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    • Time: 30h

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  • React and Flux Web Development for Beginners(2018)

  • 4.3 (50 Reviews)

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    • Time: 11h

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  • Android N: From Beginner to Paid Professional(2018)

  • 3.8 (49 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 25h

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