Mastering Arduino by Building Real World Applications (

Master Arduino Programming for all level of participants (Students, Professionals and Entrepreneurs)

Created by: Umesh Lokhande

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Learn how to setup Arduino environment and write arduino code
  • Build several Arduino Mini Projects to get more inside
  • Get hands-on experience with Arduino Programming (C/C++)
  • Connect your Arduino to the Internet for monitoring and controlling (IOT)
  • Build real world Arduino Projects such as Weather Monitoring, Smart Home.

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Overall Score : 98 / 100

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Course Description

Learn Arduino Programming to build working prototype of your Next IDEA
The course is designed for beginners to advance Arduino Users. It doesn't matter, if you already know C Programming. We will begin our journey of learning Arduino right from the basics. You can quickly brush-up the Concept of C Programming in the context of Arduino. Later on we will make some Arduino Projects. The concept learned in early part of the course will help us take projects to the next level (advance).
Short Description:
"The Biggest objective of this course is to get you hands-on experience with Arduino. This course will not only help you learn Arduino Programming but also help you understand underlying hardwares and protocols. We'll build some cool projects which will motivate you to learn concept of electronics"
This course is step-by-step guide to setup Arduino Software and Hardware for Programming. The course starts with very basics and ends up making complex Arduino projects. We will setup every circuit from scratch and write Arduino programs for it. We will spend enough time in the beginning to get basics right. This will save time in long run to get you confident to solve complex Arduino programming tasks.
Later on, we'll be building some mini projects using LED, Switches, Sensors (Temperature/Humidity/Light/Distance), PIR Motion Sensor, Motors (DC/Servo), Display (Character/TFT Touch Screen), IR Sensor, Ethernet Shield, Wireless ZigBee Module, Bluetooth Module (HC-05), Streaming Live Data to IOT Cloud (Internet of Things) and many more. These Projects will be small yet very powerful which enable you to get hands on experience with different technologies related to Embedded Software and Hardware Development.
In the end, we will connect all the bits and pieces we have learned so far to deliver bigger projects. These Arduino Project will Include: Remote Weather Monitoring Solution, Smart Home Automation, Wireless Sensor Network etc.

Future Update
1) Working with HC-05 Bluetooth Module
2) Adding example to Generate Music
3) Advance Arduino Programming Lessons Who this course is for:
  • Anyone curious about Arduino & Microcontroller Programming
  • People with no experience in Electronics and Software Development
  • Students, Arduino Makers and Professionals looking to build Product Prototype
  • Arduino makers who wish to improve their programming skills and knowledge

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Instructor Details

Umesh Lokhande

Umesh Lokhande is an Embedded Engineer and a electronic enthusiast who have developed about 20+ Products for Startups to Multinationals. As a Chief Author since 2014 at BINARYUPDATES.COM, the venture he started in Pune, India, Umesh's mission is to explore technology and help educate the world.
Umesh has an Master degree from University of Applied Sciences Jena, Germany. Over his career, he has executed several challenging projects where he developed core skills of Hard- and Software development for Product Design.
He was a R&D Engineer to Laser Imaging Systems GmbH & Co. KG(An Orbotech Company), Alere Technologies and hIOTron. He is a responsive and excellent instructor who have tutored many students both online and offline and have mastered the simple ways to jump start learning Embedded Systems and IOT. Above all, he responds to students' questions within 48 Hrs.



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Informative but the course didnt use all the parts specified in the parts list.

A very detailed & well structured course. It helped me as a beginner to grasp topics with ease. Recommended for complete understanding of Arduino with Real use cases.

Really enjoyed the course as it has introduced me to the IoT aspect of Arduino programming, so I can go on and carry on exploring this useful feature!

It's a great course to start your journey with Arduino. Hope to see some more interesting and entertaining projects in future.

What an incredible learning experience. This is the first time I found an instructor who can break down line by line each code! I am already seeing how the code comes together and how I can come up with my own code. My only suggestion would be to slow down and provide more pdf files referencing the libraries you use. AWESOME ! I love it.

For a lamen and for that matter for a beginner too it is a good start,all basics have been covered nicely,which are important for higher learning.

Nice videos, adequate coverage of topics, expected level of explanation as well. I would recommend this to others. Thanks Umesh. Thanks to Udemy.

Excellent course and the faculty is also good..

For a new person in field some pre-requisite about for the course could be really helpful, for e.g. TX/RX analog and digital signals. Pretty basic but quite necessary to keep focus on main content.

Arduino programming and Protocols have been explained in a systematic manner. It makes learning very easy.

This course is the best thing ive come across since a long time. Really helped me to get in depths of Arduino and see everything get built from scratch. Must get course. Highly recommend it to everyone! 5 stars from me.

Amazing learning experience watching this wonderful course on Arduino. Thanks!!