Maya 2018 VFX - Learn to create Visual effects using Maya (

Learn the fundamentals of VFX by creating a realistic model and composite it into background footage using Nuke

Created by: Bhaumik Patel

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Learn the VFX pipleline for a shot
  • Matchmove or track a cameras motion in Matchmover
  • Basic hard surface modeling
  • Look development using Maya and Arnold renderer
  • Composite using Nuke

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Course Description

In this intermediate level course, you will be taken through a VFX shot from start to finish by creating a crashed spaceship complete with CGI smoke!
Start by matching the movement of your real camera in the computer using Autodesk Matchmover which is available for FREE.
You will then model your spaceship using the industry standard Maya 2018 and unwrap the objects UVs so you can create textures.
You will then go on to light your shot to match the background using the industry standard Arnold renderer which is included in Maya 2018.
Finally you will output render passes using Arnold AOVs and Maya render setup, and composite them together using the industry standard compositor Nuke to make your final shot.
This course is designed to give you as much information as possible for you to create your own shots using the same workflow.
Take this course today to start creating photorealistic VFX shots!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to add a model made in the computer to video footage
  • Anyone who wants to create smoke in Maya
  • Anyone one who wants to get into the VFX industry
  • Anyone who wants to composite Computer graphics into live action footage

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Instructor Details

Bhaumik Patel

Bhaumik is a visual effects artist and bestselling instructor with 16 years of experience in computer graphics. Four of those years were spent creating and teaching courses at Escape Studios. He spent the early part of his career in the games industry as an animator and rigger. Later he moved into the visual effects industry working on commercials, TV, VR and Film visual effects.



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Just love the way he teaches. Fabulous! highly informative! I wish He makes more courses about vfx in Maya. Would love to learn from him. AAA

Great lessons with good examples to take your VFX/ MAYA skills to the next level.

This course has been great at teaching me the basic principles of visual effect creation using maya and nuke. I took this course to help with my 4th year honors project which will be based on visual effects. I wanted to learn about the software the the techniques that are used in the creation of these visual effects and this course successfully demonstrated them. I did have some issue in some areas but I did managed to get through them. I feel this was due to my lack of understanding of the software in places but I did manage to get through them. As mentioned in the course description some previous knowledge of Maya does help. However most aspects were explained clearly and concisely and were very easy to understand. The lecturer was very easy to follow along with and the resources provided were excellent and helpful.Completing this course has increased my confidence with the Maya visual effects and will hopefully help me succeed in my honors project next year when looking at different visual effects. I strongly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in digital visual effects and would like to try a easy to manage project.

Its really good tutorial. It's my first Maya experience but I got a lot of thing from this tutorial. I didn't understand completely but learned very unique knowledge. Thank you Bhaumik

one of the most in-depth and engaging tutorials I have seen yet. I have always had trouble connecting all the dots from creating assets in Autodesk Maya, placing in a background, adding disturbed types of ground, making it look natural, and rendering out to a compositing program to make adjustments.I could always do individual parts but I could never make work together. The instructor explained what he was doing and why. So you understand where to begin, all the way to the end and everything in between.

Subtitles could be optional and not put automaticallyare very often bad localized. Prefer not to make automaticall subtitles.

There are great tips and techniques that Im learning. But a little explanation on why doing certain things will clarify its reasoning.

was good but and amazing but for questions he is not answering

Lots of excellent take aways here from tracking, Modelling, UV's & Maya Fluid FX, Arnold shaders, materials, AOV rendering & a nice easy & concise introduction to Nuke. Nice tooltips on all workflows & advice on free alternate products beyond the commercial giants. Easy & fun to follow; Lots to cover, so beginners may find it challenging, but a very satisfying result if you stick it out. Enjoyed this course very much, thank-you Bhaumik for taking the time to put this together! Great Job!


In depth and to the point, Lots of finer point information.

Yes, it's exactly what I was looking for :)