Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours (

This Microsoft Excel class will make you a master of Microsoft Excel. The training uses Excel 2013 for Windows.

Created by: Todd McLeod

Produced in 2015

What you will learn

  • Learn Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Learn from a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor with over 15 years of experience teaching individuals of all ability levels
  • From the fundamentals, to the most advanced features, this training covers everything you need to know about Excel
  • Presented with high-quality video lectures, this Excel course will visually show you how to easily do everything in Excel
  • Lifetime access to this Excel class allows you to easily review material and continue learning new material
  • Excel Project Files and Excel Templates are included allowing for enhanced learning through hands-on activities
  • After taking this training, you will be an expert at Microsoft Excel
  • Money Back Guarantee - Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

This training provides you everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel.

From the fundamentals, to the most advanced features, after taking this online class you will be able to use Microsoft Excel at an expert level.
You can learn Microsoft Excel easily and quickly if it is taught correctly. Developed by a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor, this course provides comprehensive coverage on Microsoft Excel. A university professor with over twenty years of experience teaching individuals of all ability levels "how to use" Microsoft Excel, Todd McLeod has designed, refined, and perfected this course to make it easy for you to master Microsoft Excel.
In only five hours of videos, provided to you in 75 separate video lectures so that no one online video is too long, you will learn all of the following about Microsoft Excel:
  • Learn how to navigate around Excel
  • Learn how to enter and edit data in Excel
  • Learn how to adjust the way data and information are displayed in Excel
  • Learn how to write formulas quickly and easily with the point-and-click method
  • Learn how to use relative, absolute, and mixed references in Excel
  • Learn how to create powerful calculations with Excel functions
  • Learn how to visually represent your data with charts and graphs in Excel
  • Learn how to use Excel data tools like sorting, subtotaling, and filtering
  • Learn how to "freeze columns and rows" with freeze panes in Excel
  • Learn how to remove duplicates from data in Excel
  • Learn how to "transpose data" - switching the columns and rows in Excel
  • Learn how to use Excel to leverage data with Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
  • Learn how to format worksheets in Excel for impact and appeal
  • Learn how to automate Excel tasks with time-saving macros
  • Learn how to integrate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Word
  • Learn how to use passwords in Excel to protect your work in multiple scenarios
  • Learn tips and tricks about Excel, as well as Excel secrets and shortcuts
  • Learn how to use printing and sharing in Excel
As bonus material, you will also learn two very incredible, and super valuable, skills:
  • how to harvest data from the web
  • how to create online forms which allow you to gather data from individuals
As an additional bonus, you can download all of the Excel project files that are used in the videos so that you can get a "hands-on" approach to learning the material. You will also be shown how to find and download free "Excel templates" which are spreadsheet templates that you can use like "budget templates" or a "calendar template" or a "schedule template."
Another great aspect of this course is that, at the end of this Excel class, you will be given a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION. This course has a quiz after every video so if you need to prove that you have learned the material, or if you're an employer or supervisor that needs to ensure that someone has actually done the work, this is easily done by looking at the results of these quizzes.
This class is guaranteed to teach you Microsoft Excel. Once enrolled, you will have access to this Excel course for the rest of your life. You will always be able to come back to this Excel class to review material or to learn new material about how to use Excel. Described as "fun" and "amazing" and "life changing," Todd McLeod's Excel training will forever transform the way you work with numbers. Try this course for yourself and see how quickly and easily you too can learn Microsoft Excel. Who this course is for:
  • From beginners, to advanced users, this course is perfect for all ability levels
  • Lifetime access to this Excel training allows you to come back to review material or learn more about MS Excel

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Instructor Details

Todd McLeod

I am a tenured professor in California. I have taught at both the college and university level. I have also taught in multiple disciplines including business, information systems, computer science, and online education. In 1997, I was one of the first professors at the university to teach online. I did post-graduate work in online education at UC San Diego. I co-founded and taught in the "Online Teacher's Training Program" which trained professors how to teach online. In 2008, I was selected as one of the best instructors in the entire California Community College system. Currently, when measured by the number of students served, I am the world's leading trainer in Google's new programming language which is one of the fastest growing, highest paying programming languages in America. In addition, I have started three businesses (two of them profitable, so far). My background in business, information systems, computer science, online education, and real-world entrepreneurship has prepared me to teach all of these courses. I look forward to helping you learn great skills to improve your life. Better skills, better life.



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By Dale Reeves on a week ago

I loved this as it did not move too slow, yet when I needed more at a section, I just watched it again. I love the short sections, and he adds some humor which makes it interesting when Excel get's a little boring. waaaaaaaaasp

By Mickey Thorpe on 2 weeks ago

I'll take any course Mr. McLeod teaches. This instructor slayed me with his offhand sense of humor. He may never know how funny he actually is but I laughed through at least 26.29% of this course and I've got the spreadsheet to prove it. Between the entertainment factor that held my attention throughout and the generous placement of the quizzes, I couldn't possibly fail this class. Learned far more than I thought possible and appreciated his down-to-earth delivery. Only a man truly at peace with himself can be this authentic. :D

By Jon Akpapunam on 3 weeks ago

I really enjoyed taking this course. Todd is a great instructor. He explains the concepts well and at a good pace and provides good examples to help you grasp everything. From someone who's used Excel in school and work for various reasons (but would not consider myself an expert), I certainly learned a lot!

By ACHILLE LOCE MANDES on 2 months ago

some information in the course where useful. I thought the course was covering all formulas by category: Logical, Text, Lookup and reference, Financial and Math, with clear example. the Audio wasn't great at all. better to find another course. Unfortunately is too late to get the refund. thanks anyway.

By Bongani toto on 4 months ago

What a good instructor thank because in have learned new things from you. keep up the good work

By Syed Yaser Masood on 4 months ago

It was wonderful and amazing experience by doing excel course using udemy platform. Thanks

By Sinthonia Nesbit on a month ago

I feel like the instructor is very informative and I beleive this course will help me to be more efficient at work.

By Bill McIntosh on a month ago

Yes. More interaction would make the course even better. Note: the quiz function quit working two-thirds of the way through.

By Monica Sinha on 2 months ago

yes a truly good experience in learning excel. I really had great learning here with Todd teaching all important excel skills beneficial to my job and also my personal skill on learning. Thank you.Monica

By Saquib Siddiqui on 2 months ago

I learned a lot of very basic things that I struggled in creating complex excel works. I liked the way Todd explain the topics.The quiz after every short video is unnecessary. Many videos can be bundled together into one video.Over all, I learned a lot of new things and would refer to this training when I have to look up something.

By Esme Hulme on 2 months ago

Very good course. I have been working on excel for a number of years now, but I didn't know excel could even do all that stuff...

By Ian Brunton on 2 months ago

Advertised as expert in 6 hours but that is just watching the videos and no practising for yourself, which is what gets it into the brain. Token gesture mention of macros, nothing on index / match, array formulas. Obviously there are countless formula and we had limited use of them. Need more than "try it and see" for all the pivot table variations