Instructor Miguel Grinberg

Miguel Grinberg

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Miguel Grinberg has over 25 years of experience as a software engineer in a variety of areas such as web development, microservices, cloud, video broadcasting and computer animation. He blogs about a variety of topics including web development, Python, robotics, photography and the occasional movie review. Miguel lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

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This is a course for people who has a cetain knowledge of Python ans Flask not for the beginners. Very pragmatic way of delivering content. You can recover your knowledge of Flask and learn many excellent good practices. However the second part of the course introduced huge amount of new knowledge of auxiliary technologies. If you are not familiar with it you get lost very quicly. There is gap in presentation how to run Redis in Windows enviroment.
- Review by Grzegorz Majkowski ul.Xxxxxxxxxx 100, 95

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Miguel Grinberg's Courses on Udemy.com

  • The Flask Mega-Tutorial (Python Web Development)(2018)

  • 4.7 (32 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 11.5h

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