Mobile App Design in Photoshop From Scratch: Design Uber App (

Learn Complete UI/UX design by Photoshop from Scratch and Design Uber app from Scratch

Created by: Infinite Education

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Learn Complete Photoshop CC for UI/UX from Scratch
  • Learn to Design Uber App from Scratch
  • Learn Color Theory
  • Learn Typhography

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Course Description

Do you want to learn Photoshop CC for UI/UX design from scratch?
Do you want to earn some extra income by freelancing?
Learn mobile app design free.

If so, then this course is for you. You will learn Complete Photoshop CC for UI/UX design from scratch.

According to Statica, Worldwide mobile app revenue was 88.3 billiondollar this year. By 2021, mobile apps are forecast to generate around189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues. According to applause,90% OfCompanies Will Increase Mobile App Investment. The huge market of appdevelopment increasing so fast. So does increasing mobile app UI/UXdesign with it and creating hundreds of thousand of jobs and business.

You should grab this opportunity by learning mobile app design from scratch.
You will learn Layer, Layer style, Vector shape, Gradient, Guide, smart guide, Artboard, pen tool and much more.

After learning the Photoshop CC from scratch, you will learn to design Uber app from scratch. Then you will learn color theory and typography. At last, you will learn how to earn money by freelancing.
Please join the course and see you there!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone want to learn Photoshop CC
  • Anyone want to learn Photoshop for UI/UX design
  • Anyone want to design mobile app
  • Anyone want to learn Uber app design
  • Anyone to Build his/her Career.

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Infinite Education

Infinite Education teach the student in a easy way to learn and grow with maintain high quality which is impeccable. The main Vision of us is not only teaching the student but applying the knowledge in their real life to maximize the earn of living.
We are passionate about teaching at the best manner.



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It's an outstanding trainer and I am so happy

Muy buen contenido!

Easy and excellent

Very sudden starts/ending to the videos, otherwise it's a great course!After reaching the examples section, I'm very disappointed that he wouldn't show what he is about to make first and then proceed, I feel clueless as I watch him work on something which I do not know the end product of.

This course is so far very helpful to me. I will continue with udemy in future as well. The voice of the instructor is very clear and also understandable.Thank you.

Gerat Course..only the thing is that m unable to download that android GUI kit:( little bit difficulty.

I feel more engaged by practicing with the tutor. I learnt more than I Imagined. They say its better to try out than lay back. I am willing to put this skills into practice.

The instructor says words very clearly and with pauses. Also he knows a LOT of what he's saying. I'd say I'm in the start of advanced knowledge of Photoshop and I learned a lot of new things watching this course. Highly recommend it!

Nicely taught. excellent pace maintained. very clear examples. Thanks ton. I am going to continue learning from here on. Extremely satisfied !!!

- The photoshop overview was good- The Uber app example was amazing- The course should contain more app design examples- The course didn't include enough information about choosing the suitable color scheme for your app design- The course didn't include information about necessary UX design guidelines that we need to follow

The lectures are OK; however, the materials for the first basic lectures could have been more practice-oriented. Right now, I get canvases with the shapes, guides, etc. already drawn on them, and it is unclear what I have to do with them further. The guides for creating an Uber app are good.

A good starting point for beginners.This course got me started on freelance UI/UX design. Now I'm getting a very decent amount of work, and really enjoy doing it!