Instructor Mujahid ur Rehman

Mujahid ur Rehman

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

I am a Cape Town based photographer with a passion for landscape photography. Nature's colors bring joy to my heart, and its sounds are music to my soul. Getting lost in the miracles of the world is my escape and my serenity. My passion for photography sprung from years of travel, hiking and exploring. Before I bought my first camera in 2006, I always collected photos digitally, often printing them and sticking them on my wall as a student. They were a world into which I escaped in thought, imagination and dream. Although my love is for landscape photography, I enjoy capturing people and expressions as well, and find pleasure in the human tale conveyed in an image.
Aristotle said, "The more you know, the more you know you don't know", and the more I have known, the more I have realised that I need not only to learn, but to share as well. This is one of my motivations in creating tutorials, both video and textual to share what I have learnt.
I am thankful to my parents, siblings, and to my beloved wife for always supporting me in so many ways. As I continue my life-journey, it is my wish to travel the reaches of world, and to immortalize the experiences through image.

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It's an amazing course. From basic Lightroom setup to in detail tools, this course has everything. It is very well designed, sections are structured very carefully. I'll recommend it, perfect for Beginners.The instructor did a great job at explaining every topic, he shared some useful tips as well. He made every topic easy to learn with multiple examples. Very engaging style of teaching.
- Review by Ayesha Toor

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  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC for Beginners(2022)

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