Nick Walter

Mobile and Web Developer

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Interesting. Thanks!
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Instructor Bio

Nick Walter is a mobile and web developer, instructor, and all-around coding enthusiast. After teaching himself to code using YouTube videos and online tutorials, Nick became fascinated with the possibilities of online education. Upon the release of Swift in 2014, Nick quickly picked up the new language and shared what he learned with others by creating an online course. Since then, he's moved on to create courses on a variety of topics, including iOS, Android, Django, Kotlin, Python, and HTML. Nick currently works as the commander in chief of Zappy Code, where he shares his love of programming by creating fun, practical coding courses.

Nick Walter Courses

Instructor Background

  • University: Brigham Young University

Nick Walter's Core Subjects

  • django
  • python
  • other

Top Review

"Nick keeps a steady rate when teaching, making it very easy to follow. He keeps your attention and it is NEVER slow! Very knowledgeable. Great job, Nick!"