Instructor Nicolas Bryce

Nicolas Bryce

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Nicolas started his first business at age seventeen, Six months before his high school graduation his family moved to Texas and Nicolas was determined to stay and make his dreams come true, A friend invited him to perform as a clown at a kid party and after a day of fun Nicolas was hooked and started up his own clown business, He has owned several companies in his life and learned lots of lessons from closing many, Nicolas is currently a professional 12 string flamenco guitar performer and has adopted a brilliant hand at front end IOS and graphic design.

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I was surprised I could actually build an IOS APP and put it in my iPhone super easy! I wish he could of kept going it definitely gave me the real feel of what it's like to build an IOS App, I just began to write and really enjoy the technique he teaches in creating a digital comic to pitch instead of writing a whole book, I have already started on my digital comic and I am super happy on how it's unfolding, Thank you so much for giving me an idea I would of never thought of :-)
- Review by Joe Salazar

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  • Affinity Designer to a magical path in design(2021)

  • 5.0 (1 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 5h

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