Owen Astrachan

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

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process gradually towards success! course materials is perfect.
- Review by por Mohammad A R

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Instructor Bio

Owen Astrachan is a Professor of the Practice in the Department of Computer Science at Duke University. He has taught computer science at Duke for more than 25 years and taught high school for seven years before starting at Duke. In recent years, Professor Astrachan has worked with colleagues to redesign Duke's introductory computer science course to reach a broader range of students at Duke from a variety of backgrounds and fields. He also leads the Computer Science Principles project, which is completely grounded in a philosophy of engendering interest in new and previously untargeted/uninterested students, broadening participation in computing. Professor Astrachan received an NSF Career award, the NSF CISE Distinguished Education Fellow award, received two teaching awards at Duke and a teaching award when teaching on a sabbatical leave at the University of British Columbia. Professor Astrachan holds a PhD in Computer Science and a Master of Arts in Teaching (Mathematics), both from Duke University.

Owen Astrachan's Core Subjects

  • game design