Passive Income Course for Graphic Designers (

Learn how to build a passive-income graphic design business selling vector illustrations, backgrounds, fonts & more!

Created by: Angelina Samadhi

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • The A-Z Passive Income Course for Graphic Designers
  • How to master Creative Market (6 million customers & growing!)
  • Learn the exact steps I used to earn over $350K selling graphics online
  • How my most successful bundle earned over $38K
  • Where to sell & where to avoid selling for the best results
  • How to use SEO & keyword strategy to boost your visibility & traffic
  • Pricing strategies Pricing your products to win!
  • How to grab attention with your display images Do's & Don'ts
  • How to get massive FREE traffic with Pinterest & YouTube
  • How to master Pinterest The BEST FREE traffic source!
  • How to find your niche & separate yourself from the crowd!
  • Setting up your own eCommerce with Wordpress (EDD)

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Course Description

Are you tired of inconsistent freelance work or pouring all your energy & creativity into your 9-5?
Would love to earn a steady flow of passive-income selling your design work but have no idea where to start?
I've been there too!
4 years ago I started selling digital products and had no idea if it could support me full-time but with a super-strong desire and a bunch of trial-and-error, I was able to find a way to support myself selling graphics online! I honestly couldn't believe it but within 6 months I stopped all freelance work!
My products have been featured in the Top 100 products on Creative Market year-after-year and have earned me well over $350K.
Starting a passive-income design business has been one of the best decisions of my life!
If you're tired of dealing with inconsistent freelance income, client deadlines and changes... Or if you're just over sitting behind the computer all day building someone else's dreams, I want you to know that there is another way to earn an income as a Graphic Designer!
Imagine waking up in the morning (at whatever time you want) inspired to create your next project...
Imagine living an incredibly inspiring life of freedom, working when you want, designing what you love and making money in your sleep (the best part)! Imagine spending more time with your friends and family, taking care of your body (whaat?!) and taking trips whenever you want because you no longer have a schedule!
It is possible!

An online course that compiles the most powerful lessons and strategies I've used to create a 6-figure passive-income business selling graphics online that has supported me for 3+ years!
This simple step-by-step process will teach you the easiest way to create, bundle, price and market your products to stand out and succeed!
The ONLY course you need to succeed as a Graphic Designer selling digital products online!


What's included in the course:

1. Master Plan
  • Creating Your Vision
  • Guided Visualization
  • Planning Your Time
  • Establishing Your Niche
  • Developing Your Brand
2. Innovate
  • Assessing Your Ideas BEFORE You Create Them
  • Where to Find Inspiration
  • Lessons From "Failing"
  • Ongoing How to Stay Ahead of the Curve
3. Where to Sell
  • Marketplace Review Where to Sell & Where Not to Sell
  • Setting up your own eCommerce with Wordpress (EDD)
  • Customer Support, Piracy Issues & Licenses
4. Build Out
  • Setting Up Files How to Organize Your Files
  • File Formats What to Include
  • Product SEO Keyword Strategy & How-To
5. Sales Strategies
  • The Power of Giving
  • Pricing Strategies Pricing to Win
  • Display Images Do's & Don'ts
  • Case Studies
6. Traffic & Social
  • Social Strategy
  • Pinterest How to Master the BEST Free Traffic Source
  • Educate, Inspire & Drive Traffic with YouTube



Masterplan Workbook Reach your goals with this workbook designed to help you set realistic goals and reach them quickly!
Product Roadmap This worksheet will help you identify which ideas are worth pursuing and which ones are just fun to daydream about. Get your creative juices flowing and choose the most profitable ideas to move forward with!
Product Launch Checklist This handy checklist will help you work smoothly through the product creation and launch process. Can be used each and every time you launch (plus it feels good checking off boxes)!
Marketplace Review A breakdown of exactly where to sell and where NOT to sell.
SEO Checklist Use this checklist to generate powerful keywords and put them in the right places to get massive traffic to your site (and your marketplace shops)!
Plus this EXCLUSIVE FREE Bonus!
Exclusive interview with Aaron Epstein of Creative Market ($197 Value)
Aaron is the Co-Owner of Creative Market, one of the top design product marketplaces online!! In this exclusive interview, he reveals some of the juicy secrets behind the top selling shops!
Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate-level (and above) designers & digital artists that currently work in the design industry.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator (Knowledge of InDesign, Lightroom & other design programs is a bonus).
  • Graphic Designers who are looking for a way to keep a steady flow of income by selling design products.
  • Graphic Designers who want to transition out of client work or a job and create a full time passive income.
  • People who want to earn a part-time income selling digital design products.


"I more than doubled my passive income since taking the course! I just broke $700 on Creative Market last month!"
Diane Pascual, Gypsy Goddess

"Angelina is incredibly inspiring, I almost want to cry. I've been struggling with how to focus my energy into my creations and ideas, that it has ultimately left me stuck on what to actually do and start with. I absolutely love that she includes overall well-being into creating your vision because I believe it's something that is often overlooked but is actually crucial to being a creator. It's been something I've discounted for too long, personally, and I'm ready to be pulled out of the rut I fell into, and step into a new light where I can still be my passionate self with success alongside me. Angelina helped me believe it was all the more possible!"
Sheila Fernandez

"I love this course! Clear, complete and with great tips and tricks with the added advantage of being motivated to take the step into creating more designs. Definitive thumbs up from me!"
Bryan Veldkamp

"Wow! This is just what I needed. It's not just about the how-to, but about the mindset and approach that will get you there sustainably. Such wisdom from Angelina's own experience is all throughout this course. I love her approach, her attitude and her energy. She's really easy to listen to. I'm quite auditorially sensitive and this is important to me and definitely influences how much, and how easily I'm able to learn from a course. I'm hoping Angelina produces more courses, she's such an excell

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Instructor Details

Angelina Samadhi

Hey, I'm Angelina!
Five years ago, I shut down my Creative Agency and took off with backpack and a camera in search of freedom... I eventually started selling digital design products and my life completely changed!
I love teaching passive-income strategies to designers so they can finally have the creative freedom and work/life balance they deserve!
Prior to my nomadic adventures, I spent 7 years running Skybox Creative as a design agency, leading a team of designers, developers and account managers. For several years, I also served on the board of education for The Art Institute of CA & Platt College developing educational curriculums for design students.
When I'm not busy working on products or courses, you can catch me dancing around the living room with my little baby boy or traveling to the depths in my meditation.



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Amazing and very inspiring! Thank you so much for creating this great course with great value. I've learned a lot and I can see we have so much in common :) Wishing you the very best in your life and business! I highly recommend the course to every Graphic Designer/Artist who's taken the Entrepreneurial journey. Many blessings!

BEST Creative Business COACH ever!!! I am going to tune in for more. I am watching this course over and over again until I can master the craft. Thank you so much for helping creatives like us to seek more than just client work, I truly appreciate it! I'm very excited to see more. :)

I've been wanting to do something creative as an income but was struggling to focus on how to start. This course has clarified the creative and sales process and encouraged me to take action. Angelina clearly explains the steps involved in creating and selling your designs commercially, either on your own platform or other people's. Not only that, but she explains her learnings from failures and how you can avoid the same pitfalls. The course is stuffed full of helpful details, including pricing, SEO keywords, and how to market yourself. I honestly can't thank you enough, Angelina, this is truly inspirational.

Very impressed. Lots of good information that I know will be useful and I got several ideas from Angelina's presentation.The only issue was that in several modules, there was a video error (it said I didn't have Adobe Flash when I do). After a couple of seconds, it would start up again at the beginning on some of the modules but on other modules, it would start up where it got stuck.Overall, it's a fantastic course and I would definitely recommend.

I recently started exploring graphic design and it was still very helpful. Now I have a better idea of planning my next steps. Great tips, which will save me a lot of time!

useful stuff will be changing or looking at other sites to sell my designs as i was using all the not recommended, think they pay to be found on searches by new artists to get people that have not heard of the ones you recommend, so I will check them out.

Really good course! Gave me a lot to think on. Your section about Pinterest was the most helpful for me. Thanks!

Great course with lots of useful information, insights and tips! Clear, comprehensive and beautifully designed.This course has answered many questions about building a passive income business that I've had for a long time and couldn't find clear & concise answers to anywhere else.Thank you so much!

Really useful for beginners. A lot of great information. Thank you for sharing.

Awesome course on passive income for designers! Well structured and very thorough. I learned a lot of great tips and information.

Thanks Angelia very informative course

I think it's a very course, with clear and simple explanations.