Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere (

Learn how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro with these easy-to-follow Premiere Pro video editing tutorials.

Created by: Phil Ebiner

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Includes CC 2021 Updates!
  • Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques.
  • By the end of the course, you'll have edited your own short documentary using either the supplied footage (video clips, photos, graphics, music, etc.), or your own footage!
  • Start a project with the right settings for any type of video, from any camera.
  • Export and save your videos for HD playback.
  • Edit your videos, and make them more dynamic with cutaway footage and photos.
  • Design clean and professional titles for you videos.
  • Add motion to your titles, photos, and videos... making them more visually interesting.
  • Color correct your video to fix issues with white balance and exposure.
  • Add a feeling to your video with color grading.
  • Apply visual effects such as stabilizing shaky video, removing grain, and making video more cinematic with overlays.
  • Edit green screen footage and, add

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Course Description

adobe premier pro Awards Best Paid Course

Start editing your video professionally with Adobe Premiere Pro CC!
If you are looking for a video editing application that will allow you to edit videos however you want them, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best answer. Premiere Pro is used by professionals across the world for every type of production from business & marketing videos, music videos to documentaries, feature films. This full course is the best way to jump right in and start editing.
Make videos the way you imagine them!
Practice editing while you learn. This course includes practice video files so you can follow along and actually learn by doing.
By the end of the course, you'll have edited a 1-minute documentary with the supplied footage.
I'll be teaching the course using the creative cloud version, but if you have a previous version (CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3 - Mac or PC), you can still learn to edit like a pro.
What makes me qualified to teach you?
My name is Phil and I've been editing videos with Adobe Premiere Pro for over a decade. Plus I'm the creator of some of the world's most popular video editing courses - with over 150,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews like these from the Adobe Premiere Pro course:
Truly gives you a great hands on training so that you can actually edit video on premiere. Great course. - Jeff Gilbert
Awesome course, easy to follow! - Tim Clark
Your course is amazing, so I can say that I am learning a lot. Your English is very easy to understand ( I'm from Brazil). Thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge. - Jerilson Duarte
My Promise to You
I'm a full time video editor and online teacher. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.
What is this Adobe Premiere Pro course all about?
In this complete guide to Adobe Premiere Pro video editing course, you'll not only learn all of the editing tools available in Premiere Pro, but also how to edit with the mindset of a professional editor.
This course will cover everything you need to know to start video editing, including:
  • Starting a project
  • Editing your videos
  • Adding video and audio transitions
  • Adding professional and modern titles (even some with motion)
  • Improving audio and finding great free music for your projects
  • Correcting and grading the color of your video to give it a great style
  • Adding visual effects to your projects
  • Editing green screen (chroma key) footage
  • Exporting your video for high-quality playback on any device
  • Advanced efficiency tips
  • So much more!
Learn from someone who is currently working in the industry, who knows the most current editing techniques, and who has a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production from one of the country's top film schools.
BONUS: As a bonus, you'll receive supplemental video and audio clips to practice with while I teach you with.
By the end of this course, your confidence as a video editor will soar You'll have a thorough understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro for fun or as a career opportunity.
Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!
PhilWho this course is for:
  • You are a video creator (or want to make videos), and are wanting to edit videos with THE BEST video editing application today.
  • You might know how to edit with Final Cut, iMovie, Sony Vegas, Premiere Elements, Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia, Screenflow, etc. But you want to transition to editing with Premiere Pro.
  • You are a complete beginner who has never opened Premiere Pro (or have never learned how to use it properly).
  • You have played around with Premiere Pro, but need some help becoming a more efficient editor.

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Instructor Details

Phil Ebiner

Can I help you learn a new skill?
Since 2012 have been teaching people like you everything I know. Through my online learning business, Video School Online, I create courses that teach you how to creatively share your story through photography, video, design, and marketing.
Don't just take my word for it
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I've always tried to live life presently and to the fullest. Some of the things I love to do in my spare time include mountain biking, nerding out on personal finance, traveling to new places, watching sports (huge baseball fan here!), and sharing meals with friends and family. Most days you can find me spending quality time with my lovely wife, twin boys (and soon to be girl), and dog Ashby.
In 2011, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Film and



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Yes, it is truly an amazing experience of learning a skill that I'm very much interested in. Pace was perfect, detailed description of each new chapters and the right course for beginners to start a career in video editing.

First of all I take this opportunity to say, It was a great learning experience. I had no idea that how much the PremierPro could be helpful to edit videos. Not just that we can also add titles, motions, color corrections and so on...Phil elaborated each and every lesson very nicely, I really enjoyed learning.And would look forward to learn many more courses with hi.Thanks a ton!Rajesh Sharma

Before taking this course I had no prior knowledge of Premiere Pro CC. As soon as I downloaded Prem Pro I started the course.I have enjoyed the course so much. It is incredibly well put together, Phil has done an amazing job. The pacing is perfect and everything is so easy to follow and understand. Phil is such a great teacher, I really hope he does a second part to this to take us to the next level. I feel so confident now using Prem Pro. I obviously still have a lot to learn. But the software doesn't seem so intimidating anymore lols. If you're reading this because you are considering taking this course... I say go for it you definitely won't regret it.

This is a great course so far! Just reached the halfway point, and now I can say that I know about half of the things to do in Premiere Pro! :D

I came into this course with ZERO knowledge of video editing and I am so happy with what I have learnt throughout the past few weeks. I am confident enough to edit and post my own work now and I have already completed 4 videos in Full HD (1080p). I am so grateful to Phil and VideoSchoolOnline for helping me get started on this wonderful journey.

Great course for beginners! When I started this course I knew nothing about Premiere. I went from being completely overwhelmed at the Premiere interface to being able to put together awesome videos with transitions, B-Roll, music, sound effects, video effects, just to name a few. I feel pretty confident now! Phil, you are a great instructor. I really enjoyed this course! Looking forward to taking some other of your courses.

yes, now Im in the frame of mind for learning, this is a very useful and detailed course which will allow me to learn and implement premiere pro asap for my upcoming projects - converting from Camtasia - New Update - December 31st 2019: I am in awe by the power of Premiere pro and am very impressed by the teaching style. Very, very useful. Thank you once again.

Duidelijke cursus, weer helemaal up to date om Premiere pro te gebruiken


transitioning from other video editing softwares to premiere pro was absolutely amazing with this course. I have actually bought two more courses from the same instructor because he leads you step by step in the learning process making it a great experience

i love this course. Phil is really hardworking but i have a quick suggestion. please make sure you show full videos ( it will look like type videos before start editing how to reach there) to the viewers. thank you.

Um curso excelente, consegui me mover bem dentro dele, mesmo sendo em ingls e o fato de eu ser brasileiro, mas me foi um curso bem vlido!!! Thanks very much ?