Feel Confident About Your Work Life’s Future

What’s the best Programming Career path for you?

Scared to waste time learning the wrong thing?

Which Courses should you take to actually land a great job or client(s)?

What is your budget, and how much should you invest in yourself?

How much time do you have?

Need help to actually finish your goals?

We have helped hundreds of people finish courses, receive authoritative certificates and land HIGH paying jobs. We have done thousands of hours in research on this subject.


What is CourseDuck’s goal?

Our Goal is to give you the confidence and direction with actionable steps to learn and land a job/client that will truly make you happy (both financially and emotionally).


Why trust CourseDuck?

Our first 100 signups will work directly with CourseDuck’s CEO (Michael Kuhlman). Checkout some big-time companies that have endorsed us.

Personal Membership
$30/month (must pay 6 months in advance)
No Fuss, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Step 1) 1 Hour Call with CourseDuck to hear about your goals, possibly help you establish new ones & answer our personality questions to help us better understand where you’ll be most happy.
Step 2) CourseDuck will review the information from the call & possibly send you followup questions before proceeding to Step 3.
Step 3) CourseDuck will send you it’s recommended tailored “Course Route” for your wants, needs and personality type. If both decide on Paid Courses, we offer special discounts from many providers.
Step 4) We’ll follow up with you and setup “Optional” external systems to drastically increase your chances of actually finishing your course(s) & completing your goals in a reasonable amount of time.
Step 5) Upon completing at least 1 Course, we can send a “Letter of Recommendation” from CourseDuck to any potential new Employers and/or Clients. We’ll also provide you with a professional Certificate with CourseDuck.
Why Re-new your Membership after 6 months?
Even if you’ve finished your course(s), have received your certificate(s) & have your ideal job. We’ll provide you with an optional monthly call to go over your new goals & spend time helping you achieve them. Whether this means to land a new job, position yourself for a raise or to improve your skills. Our paid community also is extremely helpful & supportive. We’re confident that you’ll find CourseDuck to be an amazing lifelong partner for growing your work life.
Business Membership
Contact Us for Pricing
No Fuss, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
What does CourseDuck do for Businesses?
We help with hiring employees & freelancers.
Help giving your current employees & freelancers advice the best courses that they should take to best grow your business.
Follow up with Employee’s and Freelancers for external pressure & progress reports.
And more… All listed above are optional.