Procedural Race Tracks - Houdini 17.5 and Houdini Engine (

Create a full Procedurally built Level with Houdini 17.5, Houdini Engine, Unity 3D & Unreal Engine 4

Created by: Indie - Pixel

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Procedural Modeling in Houdini 17.5
  • Houdini Engine for Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4
  • Create Houdini Digital Assets in a Production proven way for Games
  • How to use Houdini to create Procedural models to save you time during you game productions
  • How to Set up HDA's in Unity and Unreal so you procedurally generate Collision Meshes, Materials, UVs, and more!
  • How to Scatter large amounts of Foliage onto your Terrains
  • How to use Houdini Engine and Unity's Tree Prototypes
  • How to create Textures with Houdini

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Course Description

Have you ever wanted to speed up your level creation using Procedural Techniques? Have you ever tried to use Houdini or the Houdini Engine but hit road blocks that prevented you from being productive with the two applications? Then this course is for you!
Throughout this course we are going walk through every step of the way so it is not confusing at all. You will gain the confidence to begin building your own procedural race track tools for use inside of Unity 3d and Unreal Engine 4.
The course starts out by giving individuals new to Houdini, a quick start guide to using Houdini by teaching the basics of navigation, UI, modeling and creating Houdini Digital Assets. Once armed with that new knowledge we move onto the next level and start building out our Track tools.
With the Track tools we will learn how to effectively build a set of HDAs that will generate a Track complete with UV's, the Track bumpers, and the Track Guard Rails. Through that section of the Course we will see how we can detect the direction of a turn in the Track so we can place either a Track Bumper or a Track Guard Rail. This will begin to open up the power of using Proceduralism in your game productions.
With the Track in place we will walk through the process of creating Procedural Terrains with Houdini and the Houdini Engine. We will learn how to hook up terrain layers so we can texture our terrains in Unity and in Unreal.
Once our Terrains are ready to go we will walk through the process of efficiently creating and Scattering foliage using the Houdini Engine. We look at how to utilize Unity's Detail object system with Houdini Engine and how to use Unreal's grass system.
To conclude the course we build out a couple more procedural props and learn how to create textures with Houdini using its own Compositing Operators.
This course gives you a complete look at how to build a procedural pipeline for your games productions using Houdini 17.5, the Houdini Engine 3.4 and the Game Engine of your choice!
If you are looking to learn Houdini and Houdini Engine for Games Development then this Course is for you!

Note: Creating HDAs in the Apprentice version of Houdini will not work with Houdini Engine. An Indie License or above is required. But all the modeling and workflows still apply, will just have to export the Track pieces from Houdini Apprentice to OBJ.Who this course is for:
  • Beginning Level Designers
  • Unity 3D users wanting to automate their Level Creation processes
  • Unreal Engine users wanting to automate their Level Creation processes with Houdini Engine
  • Individuals wanting to learn everything about how to use the Houdini Engine
  • Individuals wanting to boost their Houdini skill sets

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Instructor Details

Indie - Pixel

I began this whole journey through art. When in high school I developed a

very strong interest in drawing and 2D animation. From there I began
to get enveloped into the work of 3D. After Graduating High school I
attended the Art Institute of Seattle. There I gained my AA degree in
Computer animation. I interned at Surreal Software, then moved onto
working on the very first version of Xbox at Microsoft. I worked on NFL
fever 2000, NHL Rivals 2002, and Inside Drive. From there I have worked
at Activision, again at Microsoft, my own companies Creative TD and
Ozone Interactive, and am now exploring Interactive Arts experiences at Indie Pixel. There have been many things
along the way but my love is in 3D, real-time arts, shaders, procedural
content creation, math, modeling, texturing, and helping others through



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Houdini is a very robust application. Kenny provides a detailed roadmap to master the various components of Houdini.

The course is very detailed and all the subjects are very well explained and detailed. I liked it and learned a lot from it!

Great course by Indie Pixel. We want more!!

Vraiment Excellent!!le cours est trs clair, c'est exactement ce que je cherchait.Si vous voulez apprendre comment utiliser Houdini Engine, ce cours est fait pour vous.

This course is awesome but any course with Indie-Pixel as the tutor is going to be awesome. Do yourself a favour & enrol if your serious about learning Houdini not to mention Unity & Unreal Game Engines. Well worth it.

Another amazing course from Indie-Pixel. You'll finish the course feeling confident and comfortable in Houdini which feels scary and foreign at first but the workflow quickly becomes understandable under the guidance of IP!

This course is great, easy to follow and instructor is great at responding quickly and thoroughly. Praise the Clams!

Really nice course. Well explained and good pacing. It's a wonderful introduction to creating tools with Houdini!

Great pace, steps broken down in to good length easy to digest

Im always thoroughly impressed at the quality of training by Kenny Lammers at Indie Pixel. The Udemy app is is robust and easy to use too.

Easy to follow with just the right amount of explanation, Instructor is knowledgable and engaging. Pace is perfect and the course is fun. Thanks Lenny

You know how Udemy is, asking for reviews at the start of the course. I've already taken your courses and know them to be great. I'll circle back at the end and write a more meaningful review too :)