Python Programming: Create an Digital Marketplace in Django (

Build a User-Generated Digital Photography Marketplace step-by-step with Django 1.8, Python, & jQuery.

Created by: Justin Mitchel

Produced in 2015

What you will learn

  • Build a place where buyers and sellers can engage in commerce
  • Build a daily deals site and understand the fundamentals of how they work.

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Overall Score : 84 / 100

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Course Description

Last updated: December 16th, 2015
Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby, is a coding entrepreneur. He learned how to do it all from scratch and launched a multi-million dollar marketplace to help artists everywhere get their CDs sold. This was 1998. Before most current web technologies and great frameworks like Django. Sivers is an unusual coding entrepreneur because he never really considered himself a "programmer" or "entrepreneur" -- instead, Sivers saw there was something he wanted to do and figured out how to do it. The word "Entrepreneur" is thrown around so much and has even spawned the word "Wantrapreneur" for those who talk but never take action. It's time to throwaway the notion and labels. All we need is action. This course, is the pinnacle of the Coding for Entrepreneurs series. We've learned so much from the 85k+ strong CFE community, that has help shaped this class into a improved version of the original. Join us, while you learn to craft your own CDBaby for the modern day. Join us, to continue cultivating the mindset of "whatever needs to get done, I'll figure out to make it happen." Cheers. Justin Who this course is for:
  • Non-Technical Entrepreneurs, Artists, Graphic Designers
  • Anyone interested in learning programming

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Justin Mitchel

It all started with an idea. I wanted freedom... badly. Freedom from work, freedom from boredom, and, most of all, the freedom to choose. This simple idea grew to define me; it made me become an entrepreneur.
As I strived to gain freedom, overtime I realized that with everything that you do you can either (1) convince someone, somehow, to do it with you or (2) figure out how to do it yourself.
Due to a lack of financial resources (and probably the ability to convince people to do high quality work for free), I decided to learn. Then learn some more. Then some more. My path of learning website design started a long time ago. And yes, it was out of need not desire. I believed I needed a website for a company that I started. So I learned how to do it. The company died, my skills lived on... and got better and better.
It took me a while after learning web design (html/css) to actually start learning programming (web application, storing "data", user logins, etc). I tinkered with Wordpress, believing it could be a "user" site, but I was mistaken. Sure there are/were hacks for that, but they were hacks/work-arounds and simply not-what-wordpress-was-indended-to-be. Wordpress is for blogs/content. Plain and simple.
I wanted more. I had a web application idea that I thought would change the way restaurants hire their service staff. I tested it with my basic html/css skills, had great initial results, and found a technical (programmer) cofounder as



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This course has been great for me. The presentor is upbeat and knows what he is doing. However, there are some things that I have picked up on that I believe would have personally have made the experience much better so far.That would include the person speaking being much clearer when they have made a mistake. This seems to be improving, with the speaker recognising errors that are about to happen and explaining them. However, sometimes they would happen and for someone following along, I was completely thrown off track without explanation.The pace is also a little quick, but that may just be me.Thanks!

If you look for Django course or just refresher, look no more.

i use mac book, sublime, and postgre db

he requires you too download another repo and this creates confusion if youre trying to learn to make a new project. Not really worth my time

excellent hands on training. this will hasten learning of django

The teacher goes too far into detail and then he starts to make corrections on these details. If you like flow and structure, stay away. If you like disorder and detail, you probably will like this.

The course material is absolutely excellent, but I think the pacing and teaching style could use some improvement. Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone that is trying to learn Django, but it falls short of 5-stars due to other great Udemy courses out there that set the bar really high.

I have problems to follow your tutor. There are too many options, that especially confusing for beginners. Instead of jumping back and forth, it might be a better idea to show one way and add comments into the code, that points to other solutions or possible ways. This assures to learn one way of doing it, while having the possibility to change and/or extend the offered solution.I stopped following this course. The additional courses are old and continue with the confusion. I am glad I did not pay the full price.Again, the Django knowledge the tutor shows is exceptional, but this is a video course that needs a proper new structure and throughout updates to newer versions of Django.

Best thing about this course is the number of topics covered. On the other hand, the material would be just as useful without audio. The instructor is really, really not good at explaining what he's doing. He'll explain things in the vaguest, most general terms imaginable. For example, "...we explicitly added that form to it." To what? Or "that's how you do that." Do what?

Overall I would NOT suggest this course to learn how to build a complex Django apps. The instructor rushes through everything, and is using an outdated old Django install.

Now that Django 1.8 LTS is here, anyone who wants to build a web app should take this course. Justin put a lot of time and effort into this. Unlike other courses, Justin updates the content where others would charge for a new course. Take the class - worth every penny.

This is a good course for anybody interested in Python/Django.