Quasar Framework: Cross-Platform Vue JS Vuex & Firebase Apps (Udemy.com)

Use Quasar, Vue JS 2, Vuex & Firebase to build a Cross Platform, Single Codebase App for Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

Created by: Danny Connell

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • How to create a real-world, cross-platform app for web, iOS, Android, Mac and Windows using Quasar Framework and Firebase
  • How to manage the state of your app using Vuex
  • How to create a back-end for the app using Firebase Realtime Database - including user authentication, reading and writing data
  • All the essentials of Quasar Framework and VueJS

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Overall Score : 98 / 100

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Course Description

In this course I'll show you how to use Quasar Framework (along with Vue JS 2, Vuex & Firebase) to create real-world, cross-platforms apps using a single Vue JS codebase; and get these apps production-ready and deployed to all the major platforms - Web, iOS, Android, Mac & Windows.
Throughout this course we'll create a real-world app called Awesome Todo. In this app we can add, edit or delete tasks and mark them as completed.
We can also sort tasks by name or date and search through tasks using a search bar.
It's also going to have a Settings page, with 2 real settings which change the way the app works - and which persist when app is closed and restarted (or the browser reloaded on the web version). It will also have a help page, a "visit our website" link and an "email us" link.
The app will have its own back-end created using a Firebase Realtime Database. Users can register, log in and see their data sync in realtime across all of their devices.
We'll get the app production ready for all the different platforms - web, iOS, Android, Mac & Windows.
You'll learn all of the basics of Quasar Framework, including the Quasar CLI, Quasar Components, Quasar Plugins, Quasar Directives, Platform Detection, Layouts, Theming & various Quasar Utilities.
I'll also show you all of the basics of Vue.js, including Data Binding, Events, Computed Properties, Components, Directives, Filters, Lists & Lifecycle Hooks.
You'll learn how to manage the state of your app using Vuex, where I'll cover State, Mutations, Actions & Setters.
I'll cover all of the basics of Firebase, including Authentication, Reading data, Writing data & protecting your data with Database Rules.
By the end of this course, you will be able to create your own real-world apps, with real back-ends which work on all the different platforms.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to create real-world, cross platform apps using a single VueJS codebase.
  • Web Developers who want to use their existing skills to create a real-world app on many different platforms (Web, iOS, Android, Mac & Windows)

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Instructor Details

Danny Connell

I spent 7 years working for various companies in the UK as a Web Developer (both front- and back-end) becoming highly skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and many more.
After becoming more interested in apps, I worked for 2 years as a Hybrid App Developer, creating cross-platform apps for the charity sector using technologies including Angular, Ionic, Vue.js and more.
I created my own successful app called Fudget (for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows) which is the highest user-rated personal finance app on iOS with over 1.5 million downloads. This eventually enabled me to leave my job and become a full-time Indie App Developer, working on my own apps.
I have a young but successful YouTube channel where I also share coding tutorials.
I'm super excited to share my knowledge on Udemy!



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Excellent! I have learn a lot with this formation, more then some of the previous courses I have taken elsewhere in the past that nearly cover just the basics. I really like to see advanced features like in this course and now everything is going easier, old school codes can now be a lot simpler. Thank's for this awesome formation, please continue to share this knowledge.

This course met my expectation - it provided an introduction to Quasar. I am contemplating re-architecting my main application to something new, and took this to discover if Quasar might work. I am fairly proficient at Vue, but I did learn a couple of neat Vue tricks along the way, and of course how Quasar works. This course will not be enough to really build a full blown application, particularly on platforms other than web, because its a fairly simple app and there were not a lot of challenges fixing the build configs for mobile and desktop. I suspect in real life there will be considerable additional challenges to build mobile and desktop apps. Also, the app is built without any automated testing process, so no help if you want to do TDD or a CI workflow in a Quasar project. Finally, the app uses Firebase as a backend, but does not go through any challenges if other backends were used, such as node, Laravel, etc. Danny was well spoken and engaging, the screen easy to read, and the sound mostly ok, though there was some variations here and there. 5 stars

Danny knows what he is talking about and communicates the topics extremely well.Each topic is well thought out and well presented.Would definitely buy courses from him again.

Esta bastante bien, requiere practicar y revisar la documentacin pero toca muchos puntos en poco tiempo y eso es bueno.

This course addresses lots of practical and hands on topics. Probably the most useful Vue.js course on Udemy.One down side, when you try to deploy your own version to Netlify, you will find out there are already at least 10 other awesome-todo apps that all look like yours...

Outstanding!I have been looking for such a course for a very long time.It is fast-paced (but isn't it why they invented the pause button?). I guess that's inevitable when you get so much content - about Quasar, of course, but here and there you also get nice "vanilla Vue" reminders.Bonus point: he speaks very clearly. Some of us are not native english speakers and it really helps when you can focus on content.Will definitely check his future courses.

This course was very in depth and the instructor was VERY good at teaching and explaining things. The instructor even taught very specific things that helped make the app more user friendly and made the app feel more native.Details like auto-focusing, animations, selecting text, formatting and styling, etc.Only thing that I wish was different was that we learned how to build a different app other than another "Todo" project; however, this course taught me just about everything in order to build by own Quasar based apps.This was much better than any college course I have ever taken.

Good match because I need a web app and a mobile app too. I like vue.js and firebase...and I get to use a single tool.

Presentation is clear and comprehensive. I found it easy to follow along. I enjoyed it!

The best course on Quasar, but there is one suggestion: Please add some videos where the settings are different on Windows relative to Mac. I will be very grateful! Thank you!

I signed up for the course after seeing the video tutorial on the quasar website and the first two you tube videos. Top notch content, slick presentation and the pace is really good. Well done! Could only be improved if Danny didnt keep saying rooter :)

This is by far the best instructions on how to use a frontend framework - and except for Daniel perhaps waving his hands somewhat annoyingly too much (but hey, where do you put your hands when excited and engaged about something?) I am yet to find any flaws bar one/two irrelevant properties/attributes being in the way [ I'm looking at you autofocus for one]; and my expectations for the second half of the course are by now stratospheric! Job more than well done, Daniel!!