Instructor Sean Kaye

Sean Kaye

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Hi, my name is Sean Kaye and I have the luxury of solving varied and complicated problems using technology for a living.
Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by the way technology evolves to more efficiently and effectively help people get things done.
For the last 20 years of my career, I've worked with large companies to apply leading edge technology to deliver results and to help them achieve their desired business goals and outcomes.
I've been involved with every major wave of technology since the early 90's working with companies to connect to the internet for the first time, designing early web-enabled ecommerce platforms through to cloud computing and hybrid IT over the last ten years especially.
During that time, I've worked with the technology of every major platform and vendor in the public and private cloud space such as: VMWare, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.
In my spare time over the past decade, I setup and run a few of online marketing services businesses with my wife. This area has expanded my mind and skillset into things like SEO, Copywriting and Content Marketing. In particular, I've been able to combine these online marketing skills with my technology and management experience to help people setup and operate their own online businesses successfully.
I'm originally from Toronto, Canada but have been living in Sydney, Australia for the past 21 years with my wife and son.
Udemy has been a great experience for me having taught o

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Great course and a course I will go back to when doing more work on my website. Sean is approachable and I like his keep it simple approach. I like the fact I can dip into the course where I need to and his lectures are structured and complete.....he doesn't jump around the topic like some instructors do.
- Review by Denise Fletcher

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