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#1 TOP RATED, BEST SELLER Course on SELENIUM, Trusted by 2,00,000+ students with Many Live Projects & Frameworks

Created by: Rahul Arora

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • ****By the End of the course you will be as much trained to automate any web based application using Selenium*****
  • *****You will be working on many Live projects, Design complex frameworks and Design interactive Reports using ReportNG, XSLT, Extent Reports etc*****
  • *****You should be able to work with utilities like: ANT, MAVEN, JENKINS, DOCKERS, GRID for Parallel Execution, LOG4J API, JAVAMAIL API, APACHE POI API, JDBC Connection for Database Testing etc****
  • ****Many pdf files, course code & other reference material will be provided along with the video lectures*****
  • ****By the end of the course you should be able to Master Selenium Automation & crack any interview*****
  • By the end of this course you should be able to design major frameworks from scratch like: Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model, Page Factories, CucumberBDD etc
  • You should be able to justify 2-3 years of your existing experience in Seleni

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Course Description

In depth Course on Selenium WebDriver Trusted by 3,00,000+ students, Includes many Live Projects & End 2 End Frameworks


Selenium a Web based automation testing tool that automates anything and everything available on a Web page. Initially started by Thoughtworks and currently Google developers are supporting the latest version i.e. WebDriver.
These lecture will provide you full hands on session on how you can automate web based applications and implement various frameworks such as Data driven, Hybrid, Page Object model, Page factories, Cucumber BDD etc.
Here, you will find the detailed content which will help you get started on Selenium and build your java programming basics.
This course is the first Selenium course on Udemy and covers over 100 hours of topics which no other Selenium courses in the industry covers in this much depth. Along with this the other part of this course focuses majorly on the Architect level topics where we will see detailed implementation of 7 Live projects with many frameworks and approaches covered which will include, Parallel execution frameworks, Multithreading, Java Generics, Virtual environment
including Dockers etc and the base of all is you will get in-depth knowledge on Core Java that covers basic if, else, loops arrays, basic OOPS - inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, abstract classes, Collections, Reflections and many more topics related to java i.e. File Handling, Log4j, JavaMAIL API, Interactive report generation using ReportNG, Extent Reports etc
Benefits from the Course:
  • Life time access to 100+ hours of Advance Selenium video lectures.
  • Life time support in your queries.

Apart from Selenium various other APIs are integrated as well like TestNG, ReportNG, Log4J, JavaMAIL API, Extent Reports etc which will help you a lot in designing powerful frameworks. At the end of the training you will be able to automate any web based application of your own and should be able to work on live projects. After the course you should be able to justify 3+ years of your current experience in Selenium and can crack any Selenium automation interview easily
Many assignments, PDF lectures and source code for each module is available for download.
Not only this the best advantage of this course is the level of support you will get in your queries and automation projects where ever you are stuck with.
Support will be provided through Q&A section of this course
So being the biggest Selenium course in the industry I always make sure to update the course with latest API changes so anything that you need to learn in Selenium you will find that topics in this course and if not then you can message me and If the topic is relevant then I will include in the course.Who this course is for:
  • Manual Testers who wants to switch to Automation testing
  • Automation testers who wants to enhance their current skills
  • Test Managers
  • Selenium RC Users who wish to migrate their projects in WebDriver

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Instructor Details

Rahul Arora

Entrepreneur at Way2Automation
Trained over 2,00,000+ students world wide in Selenium Webdriver, Appium - Mobile Automation Testing, API Webservices Testing and framework designing. Conducted various Online trainings, corporate trainings and face to face trainings across the Globe.
Worked with various CMM level orgranizations. Involved in setting up of manual and automation testing teams. Implemented various automation projects using Selenium API, QTP, SOAP UI, Webservices, Protractor JMeter etc. Created & Implemented various frameworks such as Page Object Model, Data Driven, Hybrid etc.



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This course perfect for Selenium WebDriver. Cover almost all topics. And Rahul sir's teaching is good. Thank you for this course.

Beautifully Explained With Step By Step Instructions! We Have Come A Long Way From 2013 To 2020!! Kudos

I have never found such efficient knowledge in depth within Selenium and it is real experience to gain using Live Projects added in the course.

Its really a good course for in depth learning of selenium. In depth knowledge and the help in Q&A whenever we face difficulties is worth it.

Too childish and basic and not an in-depth coarse for actual professional

could follow and implement all the related concepts though i had some background on Selenium, the tutor explaining it very well

Tutor's English is not that great, also the updates to the course should be added into the respective sections, not separately.

Its amazing courseware.. I thoroughly enjoyed contents and refer in my group to go through the course to learn from nothing to lots...

Yes .. Its good .. Help me to gain the knowledge about automation .. Thank you !

Good explanation and useful information for driving a good test framework. To continue developing automation test technology, you can create another course in term of screenplay pattern which is also applied to automation nowadays.Thank you and keep good work!

I have found this course very helpful and very well organized. It is explained very well theoretically as well as practically. I really recommend this course for anyone with no n some background of programming.I give five stars.

your way of teaching makes learning Selenium very easy. Thank you so much for creating and sharing amazing videos with all of us.Keep teaching.