SEO Training for Beginners: Complete SEO Guide by IIDE (

Complete Search Engine Optimization Training | Keyword Research | Local SEO 2019 | Wordpress SEO | SEO Tips & Tools

Created by: Indian Institute of Digital Education - IIDE

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Understand the Search Engine Optimization process from start to end
  • Understand the process in which Google ranks websites
  • Find how to optimize your website to perform better in Search Engines
  • Learn how to rank your website higher up in the Search Engine results
  • Get tips on how to increase organic visitors' surf time & decrease bounce rate & why it matters for SEO 2019
  • Understand why User Experience & User Interface matter for SEO 2019
  • Learn how to optimize a local business website for maximum SEO benefit
  • Rank a local business website on the first page of Google
  • Learn how to identify the most profitable keywords for local businesses
  • Learn how and when to use long-tail & short-tail keywords
  • Learn how to differentiate between good & bad backlinks
  • Get step-by-step instructions to baby-proof (Google-proof) your website
  • Understand the concept and SEO benefits of Acceler

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Course Description

Join 7,900+ students to learn effortless SEO implementation with Udemy' simplest and most comprehensive SEO Training course provided by IIDE.
Do you know what SEO stands for but don't know what needs to be optimized?
Has your website been online for quite some time but hasn't received as many visitors as you hoped for?
Are you a business owner or digital marketer or content creator looking to increase Organic Traffic to your site?
Have you developed a Wordpress website but don't know how to make it Google friendly?
Do you want your blog posts to move from the 6th page to the 1st page on Google search?
Or are you simply looking to build a career as an SEO professional?
If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you're in the right place!

What is this SEO course about?
Search Engine Optimization is often perceived as difficult to understand' and extremely technical' for anyone not from the digital marketing background. Failing to realize that SEO is one of the most cost effective and easiest strategy of generating leads, SEO beginners tend to skip the entire process of Search Engine Optimization. The SEO Training for Beginners: Complete SEO Guide by IIDE explains how you can get your website to rank higher on Google with simplified, tried & tested and ready-to-implement SEO strategies.

Why should you take this course?
Whether looking for a specific product or a category of services, any consumers' first instinct is to turn to Google. With 2 trillion searches reported every year, being available and visible on Google is extremely crucial. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is commonly known, is the process of redirecting organic traffic to your website which in turn helps to increase a brand's visibility on Google. Google SEO, though technical, is extremely logical and fun.
The SEO Training for Beginners: Complete SEO Guide by IIDE is filled with interesting animations, examples and subtitles which make it suitable for any audience - whether English-speaking or not. From learning how to conduct keyword research, exploring Wordpress SEO tools and how to rank for Local SEO to perfecting E-commerce SEO and diverting free traffic to your website with Local SEO, IIDE's trainer Meherzad Karanjia will hand-hold you through the nitty-gritties of SEO. Case studies and applied examples used throughout the course further enhance your learning experience.

Who shouldn't take this course?
We have designed this SEO Training guide in a way that breaks down and simplifies all the technical and non-technical concepts involved in SEO. We understand different people will probably have different objectives for taking this SEO course and so, the topics covered under the course are extensive. You should probably not take this course:
  • If your website is already on the number 1 position of Google SERP,
  • If you have successfully completed Google SEO campaigns,
  • If you know how to choose your keywords and how to assess their performance,
  • If you're happy with the amount of Search Engine traffic coming to your website.
(P.S. If you fall under one of the above categories and still take our SEO course, we would be flattered and absolutely thrilled!)

What will you learn?
Search Engine Ranking Policies are constantly changing and upgrading with the ultimate objective of providing better user experience to the audiences. This course includes not just SEO tricks relevant in 2019 but also tips on what to avoid when performing Local SEO. Our up-to-date SEO 2019 training guide takes you through:
  • The ins and outs of Google SEO's working and what it takes to rank here
  • Structuring your web pages for maximum On-page SEO
  • Targeting audiences without disturbing their experience
  • Leveraging Accelerated Mobile Pages to enhance user experience
  • Ways of directing and redirecting audiences to websites with Off-page SEO
  • Key steps of developing successful SEO strategy aimed at increasing ROI
  • Writing tips for SEO ready content
  • Plug-ins for successful Wordpress SEO 2019
  • Automating and simplifying E-commerce SEO 2019
  • Tracking and analyzing performance of SEO strategies
  • Making the most of Google SEO while staying miles away from Blackhat techniques
  • Learning how to get more customers from Google Search with Local SEO
This course will teach you how to mix, match and combine various Google SEO tools and tips to build your own Search Engine Optimization Strategy. You will also be equipped with the Local SEO tools that help you assess your own SEO performance after you've implemented your SEO strategy.
In other words, our simple SEO 2019 training guide covers Google SEO, Local SEO, and Wordpress SEO.
Invest in this course not just to pick up a highly paid and in-demand skill but also to maximize potential returns for every penny spent.
You will also get:
  • Lifetime access to SEO tips relevant in 2019 and all future Google Search Algorithm Updates
  • Fast and Friendly Support for any SEO queries in Q&A section
  • A 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee
  • Udemy Certification of Completion
Other resources to help you ace digital marketing:
  • The Ultimate Facebook Ad and Facebook Marketing Guide 2019
  • Ad Design: Ultimate Guide to Influence Consumer Behavior
Be sure to have a notepad ready to take down all the tips and advice provided by our industry-expert Meherzad and start growing your skills and businesses!

Who this course is for:
  • Digital Marketers, Online Marketers, SEO Beginners & Experts
  • Webmasters, Web Developers, Wordpress Website Owners & Web Designers
  • Content Creators & Bloggers
  • Bloggers, Business owners, Online Marketers
  • Anyone looking to develop SEO friendly Wordpress website
  • Anyone looking to improve their website's search ranking
  • Anyone looking to become self-sufficient and/or reduce marketing cost

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Instructor Details

Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) is India's first school created to support all digital activities of any business in today's fast-growing online world.
Our courses have been designed in collaboration with industry experts, keeping in pace with latest concepts and skills of the digital world.
All the courses are structured to impart in-depth subject knowledge with prime focus on keeping subject matter interesting and easily understandable at the same time. Our courses make use of small topic-wise videos which make the information absorption easy.



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Very useful information explained in a straight forward and simple way.

I loved the course for many easy and insightful tips. If you are looking for something more to improve your SEO skills. This is a good course for you.

Course is great,,,i would suggest to add little more practicals or sessions for easy way of understanding SEO.

Yes, this is really helpful for me. Here I learned SEO strategy basic. It defines everything from basic SEO to high level SEO.

I thought this course was very informative and made SEO a lot easier to understand. The instructor was knowledgeable and easy to understand. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their website's SEO.

As a learner who has no knowledge about this course, I would highly recommend this course of SEO !! Amazing animation and examples.I really appreciate the speaker of this SEO course because he made sure to make this wide world of SEO sound so simpler and understanding that I feel that I can clearly understand how the Website of other companies target the Google page in order to Rank well in comparison to other websites.And "Google is a baby !" best line to create a image of Google in our minds.

I really enjoyed these short and precise videos. For me it was a refresher, which I like to do often. When someone does it well you come aways with a new ways of thinking and gain better skills. I feel this course has done its job well. The accent issue was minor since I could follow the script below the video.

it was an awesome precise, easy to understand course for a dummy like me. things quickly just poured into my head by instructor.Thank you so much for being me-friendly :-)

Amazing simple and precise to the point. Unlike other courses, it bored me to sleep. Thumb up and keep up the good work. Hope to see a course on Shopify using SEO tactics instead of social media ads.

A technical subject like SEO was taught in a very simple way which was really easy to understand and apply for me. A must watch course!

Der Kurs ist fr Einsteiger sehr gut geeignet. Technische Begriffe werden gut erklrt und auf ein Minimum beschrnkt. Mit der sehr anschaulichen Analogie eines kleines, launischen, leicht zu beglckendem Kindes wird Googles Funktionsweise durch den Kurs hinweg erlutert und bleibt so sehr gut im Gedchtnis.Die Videos sind sehr anschaulich und kurz gehalten und berhaupt nicht langatmig. Dabei sind tolle Illustrationen und screenvideos mit Beispielen aus der Praxis zu jedem Thema.Im Groen und Ganzen ein guter Kurs. Einen halben Stern Abzug gibt es fr den Preis, fr fast 50 ist er doch etwas kurz, allgemein und oberflchlich.

Amazing Course. Loved the content and the style of teaching. The examples that are given cleared all the concepts very well.