Space VFX (

The Ultimate Guide To Creating The Galaxy In Blender

Created by: Aidy Burrows

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Create jaw-dropping space renders for your portfolio
  • Have a deep understanding of Blender's material nodes
  • Know how to create Planets, Asteroids, 360 SpaceScapes, Wormholes, BlackHoles and more.
  • BONUS: All scene assets included (.blend files, textures)!

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

Have you ever wanted to be a sci-fi filmmaker? Create your own StarWars fan fiction in Blender? Or just add a jaw-dropping space render toyour portfolio?
Creating artistically pleasing space phenomena canbe tricky. Quasars, gas giants, nebulae and black holes - these thingscan make you and your computer suffer...
After watching this video course you'll be ready to create even the most complex space phenomena in Blender.
Aidy Burrows - Artist, Overly Optimistic, Lead Instructor at CGMasters.
Gleb Alexandrov - Caffeinated Artist, Founder of CreativeShrimp Website.

Video Info:
  • 20+ hours, 1920 x 1080, MP4 format
  • 30+ Space VFX Tutorials
  • 2 Workflows: Procedural and Image-based
  • Software Used: Blender 2.77-2.79, Cycles, Krita, Gimp
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has ever wanted to be a sci-fi filmmaker
  • Anyone who has wanted to create their own (eg) Star Wars fan fiction in Blender

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Instructor Details

Aidy Burrows

Environment artist at TT Fusion working on titles such as Lord of the rings and mostly a whole load of Lego games :
Lego Marvel
Lego City
Lego Hobbit etc.
Freelanced working on music videos, teamed up with CG Masters to create Blender tutorials. The Blender foundation got in touch for me to create them to Blender Cloud and Steam I released a Blender game asset creation course. Teamed up with Gleb Alexandrov from Creative Shrimp to release a SpaceVFX course for Blender.
Now there are many things on the go, notably an urge to develop game creation skills more deeply in Unreal Engine 4, noodlings and doodlings of that ilk will emerge via vertStretch An artist well-versed in Blender, the founder of Creative Shrimp blog for aspiring 3D artists. Gleb's renders got multiple awards including Best Concept Art of the Year (2013), VFX Award (2017) and were published in numerous magazines and books. Gleb is a fan of free and open-source software and is known for his caffeine addiction.



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Love this course so much :)Hope to see more like this.

So Far so Good, Hoping I can use this within the game engine or make this also within a game, but over all I am loving the course and will use it for help with my workflow into making a game

This course I so AWESOME! I have learned so many new things!! and also I've drank so many double expresso's that I can't even imagine my self drinking any other coffee ty Gleb ;)

The teachers have a lot of experience. They make the tutorials very entertaining. I highly recommend the course, I am learning new things. They answer doubts quickly. I am very happy with the course.

This course is awesome, I haven't finish it yet, But I feel that the instructor should go more slowly in the lessons since I feel that I'm not learning anything at all because he is going so fast that I'm just trying to keep up and if I blink I have to go back again and again to because of how fast he is going, But if you're a person that can keep up with the fast peace and learn at the same time, This course is for you.

I'm only a few chapters into the course because I've been having too much fun playing with different planet textures and node settings. The instructors do a great job of not just saying what to do, but why they're doing it and how to personalize it. As I progress further, I will make a more informative review.

They spent an enormous amount of hours to bring to Udemy this well-made course on producing a galaxy from scratch using free softwares like Blender, Krita, and Gimp. I am so thrilled to see two highly-qualified educators in the Blender 3D community. Can't you tell how happy I am based on this perfect 5-star rating?

One of the best courses on Udemy

Everything is clear and understandable

So far, this course is amazing and it's really helping me take my online learning to another level. Keep making tutorials like these and I'll keep throwing my money at you!!

Excellent content, but need more explanations, also it will be a good idea to show us the keyboard shortcuts on screen.

I love their videos on youtube, and have been looking for the opportunity to learn this class. Now I am able to.