SQL for Data Analysis: Weekender Crash Course for Beginners (Udemy.com)

Using MySQL but applicable to Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Taught by a Data Scientist and PM.

Created by: A Course You'll Actually Finish

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Analyze user behavior
  • Find actionable customer/business insights
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Measure and track marketing efforts
  • Discover sexy marketing stats (e.g. 1 in 4 people love toast!)

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Overall Score : 76 / 100

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Course Description

Buff up your resume/CV and become interview-ready by learning real-world SQL in this course.
This SQL course has been taken by fine marketing folks at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Lyft, and Udemy.

Your Story:
Bill was looking to move into a more analytical role and saw SQL as a requirement in the job listings he saw. He wanted to add "SQL" as a skill to his resume/CV with a clean conscience and back it up if any questions arose in the interview. But getting there would take forever. Better to just "fake it til' you make it"... right?

Joe was working in a marketing position at a small company. He had a bunch of creative ideas but sometimes felt like he was shooting in the dark and guessing at what customers were doing. If only he had some insights about user behavior so he could be a more data-driven marketer. But data analysis is only for technical folks right?
Our Story:
David and Pete joined Udemy with little to no technical experience. But after a lot of trial and error, headaches, and help from their friends, they got good enough to uncover unique insights for themselves, their team, and their company using SQL. They were able to discover interesting things about user behavior, create dashboards to track and measure progress on team goals, pull data for the exec team to use in investor pitch decks, and get data driven about decisions they made. They've since helped many team members buff up their data analysis skills and helped students land jobs!
What You'll Learn:
If you have no technical background, don't be afraid! We've distilled our knowledge and experience using SQL into a short course so that by the end, you'll have the raw skills to do some real data analysis for your company using SQL - a language virtually EVERY company uses. Note: this courses teaches you real-world SQL - not just the theory in abstract, but real skills you can use to get more data-driven in your current job.
How This Course is Structured:
  • In this course we'll be pretending we're a real business (i.e. Blockbuster) so the stuff you learn will be easy to apply to your own situation/company. No abstract/theoretical mumbo jumbo.
  • We'll go through queries a real business would run while also teaching you the raw skills undergirding those queries so you can adapt those skills to create custom queries for your own specific purposes
  • To reinforce learning, we have exercises and quizzes scattered throughout the course so you can learn by doing
  • We'll have a bonus section where new lectures will be added occasionally (including student-requested lectures, more advanced topics, strategies for getting unstuck, etc.)
  • We'll be actively involved in the discussion board answering any questions you might have! Don't be afraid to ask!
A Note About Pedagogy:
We know what it's like to buy a book, feel good about yourself, never finish it and have nothing to show for it. We don't want that to happen with this course. We want this to be a course you'll actually finish. We believe half of learning is motivation and engagement, so we've tried extra hard to make this course fun, relevant, entertaining, and punchy - no frills, no dragging things out, just the good stuff. Heck, you might even find yourself skipping a party to spend time with your new best friends (i.e. us)!
  1. Do I need to purchase any software to take this course? Nope! Everything we use to do data analysis with MySQL is completely free. We'll walk you through the installation and set-up of any software we'll be using.
  2. Can I take this course with Linux? The set-up and installation lectures we've created are for Windows and Mac, and we don't currently have specific installation lectures for Linux.
Who this course is for:
  • Marketers
  • Startup folks
  • Non-technical folks
  • Aspiring Data Analysts
  • Recent College Grads
  • Job-seekers
  • Product Managers

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Instructor Details

A Course You'll Actually Finish

This series is built upon the conviction that half of learning (ok, maybe 40%) is motivation and engagement.

This series aims to make each course engaging, not gargantuan in length, and just plain fun/ny (we'll try at least). Plus, there will be quick wins throughout the course so you can visibly see yourself learning new skills able to applied in the real world.

In addition, we'll hold contests every now and then (ooh~ prizes!) to motivate you to finish your course.

This is gonna be a course you'll actually finish. Hey! I'm David and I work at Udemy doing Engagement Marketing for the Instructor Team.
I graduated from UC Berkeley as a Rhetoric major (read: no technical skills) but then joined Udemy in 2012 when the company was about 20 employees. I initially joined Udemy's course quality and review team and about a year later became Udemy's first email marketer on the instructor team.
At Udemy, I was introduced to the basics of SQL and soon started using it everyday. After a lot of messing around, StackOverflow-ing, and working with my co-instructor and colleague Peter on some mind-numbing queries, we've started helping others at our company learn the ropes. Hi there! I'm Peter and work here at Udemy on the Data Science team. I am focused on data analytics for the growth marketing team.
I graduated from Stanford University and started working at Udemy in the Summer of 2013. I initially came in as a support team member



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The SQLsnacks application didn't work the same as what they were showing in the course. This caused some confusion. Due to that, I looked for answers for questions that were asked and most were not answered, which was disappointing - no support for those taking the course.

The instructors were really good, made the class fun and very interesting, I gain a lot of knowledge and understanding off different way to build sql statements

Loved this course. It was very straightforward and made the language of MySQL accessible... however, this seemed to have been created several years ago so there was some hunting around to figure out which were the correct applications to run since others had been shut down. That was the only "learning curve."

Definitely Starting to understand things more and see how they come together with this course, cohort Analysis lecture is really good and great addition and the video's are done well and don't bore you

Had no experience at all with SQL and see how useful it could be for me. Excellent course!!!You guys made it very clear in all the explanations given, for others with more experience mightve different opinions. Something you to take away "answer" the questions made by the students even if those may be very simple.

although online learning is good, the actual exercises is failing as data base issues are being experienced. Resulting in no practical could be performed by us as users

The explanation regarding the subject was simple and easy to follow. I found the course well structured with real life examples for you to work on. One thing I would like to improve on is the area's like ETL, Stored Procedure and triggers. Simple explanation of what and how

The SQLsnack website for testing out your queries is intermittently down, but the content here is top notch, and super-engaging - honestly, I wanna work with these guys, they seem super-fun and smart! :)I'm not sure of the feasibility, but I imagine listing decent alternative tools for Chromebook users would really widen the audience for this course. Caret as a replacement for Sublime has been worked great for me!The Bonus lecture on cohort analyses is really interesting, but I found the difficulty level ramped up WAY higher vs the rest of the course material, which otherwise really flowed together seamlessly. The fact that temp tables - one of the major methods covered in the course - don't work with the SQLSnack tool really blocked me from truly testing out what I'd learned, but I got the concepts being taught.Finally, the "certificate" of completion is really disappointing - it's just a weird looking page with some plain text on it, that doesn't look very legit, and the integration to post your certificate on your Linkedin profile and showcase your new-found skills is broken. Being able to prove to prospective employers that I've completed this course was one of the main selling points, so mmyeah, not stoked about that... :( - but neither of these things are Pete & Dave's fault.So overall, an excellent, engaging course and presenters, hindered by numerous technical obstacles - but with patience and a willingness to wield some Google-fu, you can prevail, as I did :)

By Moul on

The lectures are good, and the idea of using sqlsnack.com to avoid installation hassles is a good one, however the sqlsnack.com often was not usable when I wanted to practice ("too many connections"). And it's not a new problem--see the many questions about this in the forum (mostly unanswered).

I think the content of the course is really good and it helps you understand the basics of SQL. I just think here and there the presenters are trying to be a bit too funny + eating during a presentation is really not cool. I get that it should be a comfortable and really chilled way to learn, but there should usually be a balance. It borders on annoying which makes it hard for me to complete the course.

The content is pretty clear! Each subject of the course is well explained with an example, which is not too complicated but sufficient enough to help you understand the concept.

The instructors spoke very fast and used functions without explaining them. The sqlsnack website was not functional (error message) so I couldn't run queries. Resources are on non-secure websites. The videos showed the instructors more than images to support comments (for visual learners like me). The bonus section was better in that regards but used a lot of functions without clear explanation of what they are and how to format the syntax. I was able to follow most because I know some SQL.