Technical SEO - Audit and Fix Your Website for Success (

Everything you need to find and fix any technical SEO issues that could be costing you traffic and customers.

Created by: Ryan Wiley

Produced in 2015

What you will learn

  • Run technical SEO audits and take immediate action on the findings

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Course Description

If you are looking to take your SEO knowledge to the next level then this course if for you! I've worked for 7+ years at one of the largest digital agencies in the United States, and have worked with individuals as well as multi-million dollar brands.
At the end of this course, you'll be able to
  • Perform a technical audit using free tools
  • Fix problems that are robbing you of traffic from Google and other search engines
  • Set your website up for success now and in the future, even as technology and search algorithms change
In this course, I'll be teaching you how to
  • Pinpoint the specific content issues that make it difficult for Google and other search engines to crawl your website
  • Provide a quality user experience by linking and redirecting visitors to your most important content
  • Speed up your website so you can get a ranking boost!
  • Make your website more mobile-friendly
We cover a lot of ground, and rest-assured, if there's something I didn't cover, or didn't explain in enough depth, please reach out to me in the discussion forums. There I answer every single question the comes through. Chances are, whatever issue you're having I've seen before, and happy to help in any way that I can!Who this course is for:
  • This course is meant for someone who really wants to take their SEO knowledge to another level. I've been a technical SEO strategist for 7+ years. I've helped a number of different websites. I get right to it and show you the specific tools and tricks you need to start fixing your website so that it maximizes organic traffic potential.

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Instructor Details

Ryan Wiley

Ryan Wiley is an online entrepreneur and fiction writer. Working at one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the United States, he's helped several multi-million dollar brands improve their search rankings and traffic. He's also consulted and taught countless individuals wanting to grow their online businesses.
As a mystery/thriller writer, he has several books to his name. His second novel, Spending Spree, was the #1 Overall Free on Amazon, with over 36,000 downloads in one day! And he continues to crank out novels at a blistering pace.

Teaching is what Ryan considers his greatest passion. In all of his courses, he's very active in the discussion boards answering every single question that comes in.



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Was good, I already have a lot of technical SEO knowledge but I was able to pick up on some new things. Also a little bit outdated with the new GSC interface but otherwise good!

old search console used in all examples.

Best course on technical SEO. He knows what he's talking about, it may be a few years old but the knowledge in this course still applies to this day. Enjoyed doing the assignment exercises, really built my confidence in doing SEO. Thank You!

Loved the course. It contained so much great information. Learned a lot. Very enjoyable.

It was always a good decision to go for this course. Got to learn so many technical SEO things I was confused about. You explained really well and in clear voice. A happy student, Thank you Ryan :)

I really liked the speed and precision and I didn't like that I've spent time watching how to use a program which monthly costs 30$, it should be additional not basic

Learned a few things that I was confused about before

Muito completo e informativo

Exactly the right level course for me (but not suitable for complete beginners). I've been working within SEO field for years so familiar with basic concepts and this course definitely filled in many technical gaps I had. The presenter speaks kind of slowly so I could often increase speed of watching to 1.25 or 1.5 times to save myself time and just slowed it down for bits that were brand new to me.

It is goog if you are a complete beginner, you will be glad. Very basic, many topics never explored deeply. Easy. If you are more advanced, you won't like it very much.

I really liked this course. Good video and audio qualityRyan described many thing very clearly and in depth.this course helped me very much just compiling a seo report and looking forward to earn some $$.. :)

I would say, so far this is a great course. I am doing postgraduate diploma in digital marketing by distance learning where I paid 2000euros and this video course is so far better than the one for 2000euros. You really bring the value to the customers. Hope the next lessons will prove I am right!