The Bootstrap 4 Bootcamp (

Learn to build beautiful responsive websites with the latest Bootstrap version (4.1.3), Flexbox, HTML5, and CSS3!

Created by: Colt Steele

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Learn to create beautiful, responsive websites quickly and painlessly
  • Use the latest in HTML5, CSS3, and Flexbox alongside Bootstrap 4
  • Master every single Bootstrap component
  • Use the Bootstrap 4 Grid system to create complex, fluid layouts
  • Compile your own SASS to customize Bootstrap
  • Dig into the crazy Bootstrap source files
  • Learn the ins and outs of the new Bootstrap 4 utility classes

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

Bootstrap is currently the single most used library on all of Github, beating out other tools like React and Angular! It's immensely popular, and with good reason: it makes creating responsive websites a breeze.
This course will take you from a complete beginner to a Bootstrap 4 expert in a matter of hours! Or, if you already know Bootstrap 3, this course will serve a complete guide to all the new changes and improvements in Bootstrap 4. By the time we're done, you'll master every single component, the powerful grid system, and the brand-new utility classes. By then end of the course we'll be building complete, responsive websites that looks great on all devices. We'll learn to write and compile SASS to customize our own version of Bootstrap. In addition, since Bootstrap 4 is now built on top of Flexbox, we spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of Flexbox along the way!
What makes this course specialMost Bootstrap courses follow a similar pattern: "Watch me code. Watch me do x. Watch me do y". There's never a chance for you to actually practice what you're watching. This course is different. Every section contains at least one exercise, activity, or quiz to get you practicing ASAP. Sometimes I show you mockups and you to re-create the layout on your own. Other times, I give you deliberately broken code and ask you to fix it. All the activities are based on my experience teaching bootstrap in classroom and are designed to keep you engaged and learning :)I've put a ton of work into making this course the best Bootstrap course out there. Watch a preview video or sign up and see why Bootstrap is currently the most popular front-end library around. It makes developing good-looking websites incredibly easy (and kind of fun!).
Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to master Bootstrap 4 to build responsive and beautiful websites quicklyAnyone who knows Bootstrap 3 and is looking to upgrade their knowledge to Bootstrap 4

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Instructor Details

Colt Steele

Hi! I'm Colt. I'm a developer with a serious love for teaching. I've spent the last few years teaching people to program at 2 different immersive bootcamps where I've helped hundreds of people become web developers and change their lives. My graduates work at companies like Google, Salesforce, and Square.
Most recently, I led Galvanize's SF's 6 month immersive program as Lead Instructor and Curriculum Director. After graduating from my class, 94% of my students went on to receive full-time developer roles. I also worked at Udacity as a Senior Course Developer on the web development team where I got to reach thousands of students daily.
Ive since focused my time on bringing my classroom teaching experience to an online environment. In 2016 I launched my Web Developer Bootcamp course, which has since gone on to become one of the best selling and top rated courses on Udemy. I was also voted Udemys Best New Instructor of 2016.
I've spent years figuring out the "formula" to teaching technical skills in a classroom environment, and I'm really excited to finally share my expertise with you. I can confidently say that my online courses are without a doubt the most comprehensive ones on the market.
Join me on this crazy adventure!



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By Douglas Page on 9/4/2020

Really enjoyed how the material was presented. Although this is definitely a beginner level course for Bootstrap, it's best to have a reasonable knowledge of HTML and CSS. I've done a few courses by Cole now, and very pleased with the train and do. I learn much better if I work through the exercises after the training. If you don't do that work, your understanding of the material will be weaker.

By Andrew T on 8/3/2020

Excellent course and exactly what I needed, also it is just the right length to get you started. Of course you could learn by trial and error with the documentation but Colt does a great job guiding you through what is possible with Bootstrap and has some cool looking projects. The best thing about the course is the quiz sections, really well thought out. I got a lot of value out of this and blitzed it in a week! Thanks Colt, from Manchester, England :)

By John Armstrong on 8/23/2020

Yes, I think it's a good match for my experience and background. Actually, I had started an Angular (2+) class, but they were using a lot of Bootstrap, so I decided I needed to suspend that and turn aside and get some Bootstrap under my belt.
This has been an excellent course, and I feel that I've learned a lot - about Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML. The instructor, Colt Steele, is very well-versed in the subject matter and is always well-prepared. When something goes wrong (i.e., the results are not as expected), he knows exactly where to look to quickly identify and correct the problem (usually a typo or oversight).
One thing I've learned is that when it comes to HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, spelling and syntax are everything. It's VERY easy to make a simple mistake in spelling or syntax and you will get no help from the tools. Usually, it's a matter of eyeballing your code until you see the problem! Unfortunately, "you see what you want to see", so it's very easy to mis-spell something like, "col-6-lg" (incorrect) instead of "col-lg-6" (correct), and it can take some time to actually *see* and correct the problem. ?
Overall, Bootstrap 4 Bootcamp is an excellent course, excellent instructor, and an excellent value for the money. Highly recommended.

The course was quite comprehensive. I've learnt quite a lot about Bootstrap. Colt has successfully conveyed most important features and give a good foundation on important topics like grid system and other basic utilities. I can remember most of the Bootstrap syntax so far and also able to reference the official docs when necessary. Great course !

By Darren Silke on 8/27/2020

Excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Colt is a great instructor. He presented the content in a concise and easy-to-follow manner. Looking forward to starting my next course by Colt.

By Ruslan Ishtuganov on 9/14/2020

Another excellent course from Colt Steele. Great introduction to Bootstrap 4. All concepts are explained in great details with excellent examples sprinkled with Colt's quirk humor. Highly recommended!

By Keegan Teel on 9/2/2020

Very thorough course about bootstrap 4, as with Colt's other courses he does a fantastic job explaining things and I really liked the final project at the end.

By Robin Dao on 5/19/2020

This course was what I needed to help refine my eye for design. I started as a novice with design and responsive skills and came out on the other end with more design ammunition. Colt is such a fantastic teacher. I was completely engaged the entire time. He does such an excellent job explaining each new concept and easing you into them without causing chaos to your learning experience. I highly recommend this course for anyone that has a fear of styling their websites dynamically.

By Jason Davis on 8/6/2020

After completing the web developer course I wanted to make sure I fully understood some of the concepts of using Bootstrap but also just how I can better learn other frameworks as well. I got that but on top of that Colt even put in how to customize bootstrap using SASS and I actually didn't expect that and it will be a huge help in the future as it makes it easier for me to setup my own version of different frameworks that I find easier. If you're a developer and want to learn what goes into design or a designer trying to learn techniques that will help you I highly recommend this course to newbies or even a refresher to gain more complex knowledge after completing Colt's Web Developer Course.

By Denisse Pinies on 10/27/2020

Great content and explanations. I learned a lot and now I'm more confident with bootstrap :) Thank you so much!

By Subhankar Sinha on 6/17/2020

Thanks to the instructor, Colt. He explains every parts so nicely that I dont have to look into the documentation every time.
He also teaches how to use the documentation where many students get confuse most of the time. Easy explaination with very useful excercises at the end of each sections and last but not the least fantastic project at the end. I totally recommend this course who ever wants to learn Bootstarp. Simply AMAZING !!

By Sakshi Jain on 6/18/2020

This is an amazing course. Colt is a wonderful teacher, he taught everything in a very easy way that anyone can understand Bootstrap and can implement the same. Thanks a lot Colt for this wonderful course and teaching :)