The Climb: 6 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand (

Grow Your Following, Boost Your Career, and Skyrocket Your Income with a Powerful Personal Brand

Created by: Dwayne K. Sutton

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • How to tell a compelling brand story
  • How to stand out in a crowded market.
  • Automatically attract the right customers, clients, patients, or fans.
  • Create a logo that matches your brand
  • Select brand colors that are attractive to your primary audience.
  • Learn how to tell your story in a way that makes practically any audience want to pay attention and act.
  • Learn how to separate yourself from the crowd.

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Course Description

Here's the simple truth: powerful personal brands enjoy benefits that others simply don't. They command higher fees, are referred more often, haggle less over price, if at all, and are thought of first.
Why? What is their magic? What is their secret sauce?
Well, there is a secret sauce. Personal brands didn't become powerful personal brands by accident. Their brand story, colors, logo, book covers, profile pics and Tweets were carefully planned.
Well, I've had the opportunity to work directly with some of the world's greatest brands - no, no in an indirect way, but in a hands on way. I till do to this day. As such, I know the steps you need to take to climb to the top of your market. And you will learn those steps in this course.
You will learn:
  • Exactly what automatically attracts the right people to you.
  • How to share your brand story with the world in such a way that they immediately find you credible.
  • What to Tweet to cause your audience to want to follow you.
  • How to break through all of the noise in the marketplace.
  • And, much, much more.
Welcome aboard. Let's take the climb to the top of the market.Who this course is for:
  • This course ideal for trainers, consultants, coaches, attorneys, physicians, musicians and others who was to stand out and become the go-to person in their field.

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Instructor Details

Dwayne K. Sutton

Dwayne "D.K." Sutton is the author of five books, including two bestsellers, a startup advisor who has helped entrepreneurs create over $300 million in revenue and is the founder of Parrish Street Press, a company that publishes books on entrepreneurship. He is also the founder of Little Bits of Wisdom, an e-commerce business that produces inspirational posters, note cards, other printed material for entrepreneurs.
While an executive of an independent record label (35 million records sold), Sutton was a pioneer in integrating entertainment and entrepreneurship. To date, he has helped over 134 national recording artists, comedians, record producers and actors start and grow businesses and build personal brands. In addition, he has educated over 2,300 musicians through his live From Demo to Dollars music business workshops.
As a thought leader on creativity and entrepreneurship, Sutton speaks regularly to colleges and universities, not-for-profit organizations and major corporations, and is an advisor to organizational leaders, elected officials and ministers. He publishes four blogs on entrepreneurship and book publishing.
Sutton is a former Ernst & Young (sponsors of the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award) management consultant and an award winning adjunct professor. He earned his undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of South Carolina and his MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, the



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Fantastico, spiega tutto efficacemente e scorre che una meraviglia

By Fghf on

As a former teacher, I have some thoughts on improving the quality of instruction using online delivery but the content is pretty solid. Thanks!

completa la informacin para entender las marcas y construir nuestra propia marca

This course was a great way to understand branding and the basics of it. It is also extremely helpful in understanding how to build a personal brand with some very easy steps on how to go about doing so. I learned way more than I probably could in school and I would definitely like to recommend this to anyone looking to build their brand.

Wonderful information and makes me excited to build my brand in a better way. Thank you!!

It was good to understand the steps of personal branding. I do think the list of characteristics is too long and then consolidating them to 5 was tough.

Great course. Excellent for those will little to no experience. Re-capped on some things I forgot about and implemented new ideas to work on.

Great course and I really recommend it. Very nicely taught by an expert.

This course provided a great framework for creating my personal brand. Like many courses, what you put into it equates to what you get out of it. When the instructor says "pause the video", do it and start the work. I have a great baseline now to craft my brand. Easy to follow, great audio and video quality, and excellent content.

This course held my attention from beginning to end. It is not a very long course but it is full of valuable information. Dwayne truly left the best for last because I found the last section to be the most informative. I highly recommend this course!

Awesome course and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants help with discovering their brand

si me agrada por el tema de los valores y como realizar mi marca personal