The Complete C Developer Course - Build 7 Exciting Projects! (

Master the C Programming language by Building real world projects from Beginners to Experts on Windows/Mac os x/Linux

Created by: Shinde Prashant

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Start to write a code from a Basic " Hello World ! " Program .
  • Get the indepth understanding of each & every concept of Programming Practically .
  • Learn Fundamental Concepts such as :- Data Types , Constants , Decision making and Branching , String Handling , Array , Structure , Union , Function ,Pointer ,Recursion , File Handling .
  • Learn Advanced Concepts such as -: Memory Models , Mouse Programming , Keyboard Programming , Preprocessor Directives , Advanced Pointers , Bit Level Programming , Storage classes , Dynamic Memory Allocation , Graphics Programming , Commands line Arguments & More ....
  • Get Exercise Questions after every important lesson for practise .
  • Quizzes to Test knowlege about the subject .
  • Get top 15 programs for practise which can be asked in Exams or in Interviews with source code .
  • Develop Mini File / Folder Protection software .
  • Develop Own Dos command .
  • Develop a Computer virus

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Overall Score : 78 / 100

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Course Description

Welcome to " The Complete C Developer Course - Build 7 Exciting Projects !"
Get Enroll to the fastest growing course today , 2500+ Happy Students are already enrolled !
Master the C Programming Language by Building Computer Game , Computer softwares , Computer virus , Before moving to C++ , Java , Python .
C is the most popular programming language in the world . C is generally used for developing operating systems , compilers , device drivers etc . Do you know the most part of the popular operating system UNIX is written in c . The popular programming languages like PHP , Python , Ruby are also written in c programming language .
This is the worlds best c programming Course which is designed for those who want to master c programming from absolute beginning & creates the base for those who wants to learn c++, java, objective - c . Also for those students who wants to complete their final year projects on their own . This course covers each & every concept of programming field in depth practically . Over 7 years of indepth knowledge and experiance is poured into this course by Instructor Prashant .
Become an c programming expert in less than 8 weeks .
Save time & money in search for best & easy to understand c programming course .
Covers almost all 32 keywords introduced in c .
Get exercise questions / assignments .
Get Quizzes to test the subject understanding .
Get certificate of successful completion .
Get 24x7 support .
Get all the source code for download .
After successful completion of the course , section 30 explains you how to make thousands of dollars a year online .
This course consists of 30 differnt sections and over 16 Hours of HD video contents .
Introduction .

Variable / Constants / Data Types .

Hierarchy and associativity of operators .

Decision making & branching .

Loop control structure .

Array .

Pointer .

Function .

Structure .

Union .

Common Error Handling & Debugging .

String Handling .

Best programming practises .

File I/O .

Advanced miscellaneous concepts .

Date and Time Programming .

Sound Programming .

Preprocessor directives .

Command line arguments .

Dynamic memory allocation ( DMA ) .

Storage classes .

Bit level programming ( Bitwise operators ) .

Memory models .

Keyboard programming .

Mouse programming .

Graphics programming .

Develop File / Folder protection software .

Develop own Dos command .

Design a computer virus " Screen killer " .

Develop a computer game "Blue Brick Hunter " .

Develop an advanced Project on " Student Database Management System " .

Learn the Ways of Making money on the Basis of this course !

Who this course is for:
  • For every Student who wants to Learn to code .
  • For every Student who wants to understand each and every concept of programming in depth .
  • For every Student who wants to Learn to build their final year projects on their own .
  • For those who wants to make money while Learning to code .
  • For Entrepreneurs who wants to start a small online Business ( about programming ) .

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Instructor Details

Shinde Prashant

Computer Geek Shinde Prashant.
He achieves his Master's Degree in Computer's from Bill Gates Institute of Computer science & Management India .
He is the Founder of codeoffline. Having over 7 years of experience in computers & programming , you can also call him a C & C++ Expert . He has taught thousands of students worldwide with 121 different countries including United States , Canada , India , United Kingdom , Thiland , Egypt , Poland etc.

In 2008 , while studying Bsc II year (Chemistry) , he joins a computer course where he Learns the Basics of Programming Languages & here the passion for Computers and Programming Languages is developed in him . Due to passion he achieves Mastery over 14 different Programming Languages , 6 different Operating systems and he also expertise the following computer fields such as :-
Ethical Hacking
Linux Server Administration
Software Development
Website design & Development
Graphics Design
Digital Internet Marketing
Screen cast video Production
So that's why he calls him self a Computer geek , since 2014 he is working on one of his Dream Project's , with this Project he is going to share the whole knowledge to the world at af



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it is very interesting course.

It wasn't great, although the projects was awesome it was very difficult to understand the English of the instructor

this course is good in very less time it covers almost all topics/and rest of the things is depends on u how much time u give extra for practice.

My first course. So far so good. learning things I never knew before. Great job.

It would help if the instructor explains commands / functions (especially for graphics) before using them.

At o momento, o curso mais completo de C que j conheci.

minor spelling errors

The project applications developed by the Instructor are very good and they get you to the depths of C programming.

The course as such has the necessary content to obtain a beginner level, but the explanation by the instructor is very poor and lacks clarity. The compiler that uses is too old and to some extent obsolete, there is no need to use Turbo C to learn to program with the technology that we have today. Reason why I stayed with CodeBlocks.The syntax and indentation of the programs is quite poor. The instructor does not have a programming style that facilitates the understanding of the code to the student.Think things through before buying the course, since from the middle, the content is bad, not to say useless.

Subtitle will be nice. The accent of the lecture is not easy to listen too

Its Basic One Should Use Good System For Tutorials and Improve Teaching technic