The Complete Nuxt.js & Vue.js Course - Self Promo App (

Complete Developer Guide covering Vue.js and Nuxt.js basic to advance concepts. Get your hands on real projects.

Created by: Eincode by Filip Jerga

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Develop powerful, modern, real-world web applications with Nuxt JS, Vue JS 2 and Node
  • Completely understand the processes and concepts of Nuxt JS & Vue JS 2
  • Use gained knowledge to create your own Web Applications
  • Become fluent in concepts and tools like SSR, Vuex, Vuelidate and more

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Overall Score : 98 / 100

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Course Description

Nuxt.js presets all the configuration needed to make your development of a Vue.js application enjoyable.
Server Side Rendered(SSR - Universal) mode is the most popular mode for Nuxt. With SSR, also called "universal" or "isomorphic" mode, a Node.js server will be used to deliver HTML based on your Vue components to the client instead of the pure javascript. Using SSR will lead to a large SEO boost, better UX and more opportunities (compared to a traditional Vue SPA).
Because implementing SSR on your own can be really tedious, Nuxt.js gives you full support out of the box and will take care of common pitfalls.

Vue JS is a very popular JavaScript front-end framework that was designed specifically to help you write Web apps faster and more easily than ever before!
Used by companies such as Nintendo, Adobe, GitLab, Baidu and Alibaba, Vue JS is rapidly increasing in popularity, so it's a great time to add it to your CV.
By the end of this course you'll have the skills and confidence you need to use Vue JS on your own projects!
So, no matter whether you're a complete beginner to Vue JS, or an experienced programmer keen to improve your skills, this course is for you!

Students learn best when they're putting what they learn in to practice straight away, so we've build this course around three really great projects (which will look fantastic in your career portfolio!):

Project 1 - Todo Application
This project is best suitable for starting developers without any or minimal experience of programming. First application is covering basic concepts every developer should know. First 20 lectures are covering base concepts on practical sandboxed examples. Rest of the section students will be working on "todo" application learning Vue JS related concepts. The section is covering also html and css explanations.
  • Get basic knowledge of programming (Functions, Variables, Classes...)
  • Know how to create store data into our browser Local Storage.
  • Fully understand Vue JS concepts like data binding, data manipulation, event handling, state management (and much more!)

Project 2 Post Application
Nuxt.js starting project. Base programming knowledge is required. Students should have all of the required knowledge needed to work on this project once they complete first project . In this project students will get familiar with Nuxt.js/ Vue.js related topics. In this project students will be working on application to create and manage posts.
  • Get basic knowledge of Nuxt.js
  • Learn how SSR works
  • Get familiar with Vuex
  • Lean how to persist data on Server

Project 3 Promote Yourself Application
  • Final project students will be working on. This project is longest and most detailed one. Students be working on tons of interesting features. Students will lean how to create beautiful , self promotion application with admin dashboard, authentication, REST features and other interesting stuff.
  • Last project consist of multiple sections. In first section instructor will be explaining authentication including register and login functionality. Students will not just learn how to authenticate users but they will also find explanation of form validation with Vuelidate package.
  • After authentication students will start working on functionality to create and manage products. Students will be working with "courses" as products but in the end they can choose product of their choice. Application is customisable.
  • In next part students will be creating manage feature for products. Students will learn how to create new custom inputs and how to manage data flow in forms.
  • Course is also covering feature to create blogs. Students will integrate a blog editor containing different formatting options and functionalities to edit and publish blogs. Students will be working on functionality to display published and featured blogs and they learn how to create pagination feature later on.
  • In last sections instructor will be explaining SEO(search engine optimization) and students will lean how to implement SEO improvements into the application. Course is finishing with deployment of the application to Heroku.

With over 40 hours of on-screen instruction, it doesn't matter whether you're planning to start your career as a developer, or just want to improve your programming skills, this is the right course for you!
So what are you waiting for? Enrol now!!Who this course is for:
  • Developers new to Nuxt JS & Vue JS
  • Experienced developers looking to hone their Nuxt JS & Vue JS skills
  • People eager to learn new knowledge

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Instructor Details

Eincode by Filip Jerga

Eincode ensures to provide the best online learning experience for its audience.
High quality content and programming concepts explained in real-life projects are fields where Eincode shines!
Eincode is covering mainly courses focusing on programming guides for web and mobile development. If you are looking for complete and comprehensive guides then Eincode is the right choice for you.
Courses are also published by instructor Filip Jerga.
Cheers & Keep Coding!My name is Filip Jerga and I am an experienced software engineer and freelance developer. I have a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and several years of experience working on a wide range of technologies and projects from C++ development for ultrasound devices to modern mobile and web applications in React and Angular.
Throughout my career, I have acquired advanced technical knowledge and the ability to explain programming topics clearly and in detail to a broad audience. I invite you to take my course, where I have put a lot of effort to explain web and software engineering concepts in a detailed, hands-on and understandable way.



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I have already a web & js (a little) experience but if you are new , this course implement the best pratices for Vue/Nuxt with review of JS / CSS concepts, after 40 hours of learning, you have all checkpoint to develop perfect application for exigent users.

Almost perfect on the front end side. Id have loved to get some more in-depth on the server side. One thing is missing to give 5* is file upload and file storage on the server. For example, jmage drag and drop to illustrate a course instead of having to provide a url. Otherwise, excellent course Filip!

Was very effective It was very impressive.

I initially bought this course so that i can learn and integrate my back-end (Python - Django REST API's) with a front-end framework like Vue. Not only i have succeeded in the above task but you gave me a burning desire to dig deep into front-end frameworks like Vue and Nuxt. Thank you for being you, a great teacher.

Its an awesome course so far. Filip is a great instructor and I was totally new to front-end development and I am definetely learning Vue.js as well as Nuxt.js from his courses in no time. I am also really happy with Filip's teaching style. He doesn't leave any stone untouched while teaching new frameworks.

What a great dive into Nuxt. It contains a lot of content for understanding how to work with Nuxt. Filip is a remarkable teacher & his courses are world class.

it's easy and great for learning :D really really helping me so far, i am learning things I did not even anticipate to learn.

By ?? ? on

this lecture is awesome!!

I really need to thank Filip here, I could never fully understand how to communicate between components and he showed it in the simplest way possible. THANKS SO MUCH!It's a long course, yes, yes it is. But every single minute is worth your time. If you you're still wondering if you should enroll in this course think no more, and just do it already.

The course covers a broad range of topics, including vanilla VueJS. The instructor is very clear with his presentation and has an enthusiastic tone.Would highly recommend if you plan on learning Nuxt and Vue

Fantastic course. I am learning with this great teacher. He really deserves more than 5 stars.

i like the extensive explanations of first section. Looking forward to next sections.