Instructor Tim Buchalka

Tim Buchalka

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Tim's been a professional software developer for over 35 years. During his career he has worked for major companies such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Saab.

His video courses are used to train developers in major companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Paypal, VW, Pitney Bowes, IBM and T-Mobile just to name a few (via the Udemy for Business program).

What makes Tim unique is his professional programming career - many instructors have never programmed professionally, let alone had a distinguished professional development career like Tim.

Tim has trained over 537,000 students how to program, way more than a typical IT Professor at a college does in a lifetime.

In fact, Tim's courses are often purchased by students struggling to get through a colleges programming courses.
"I am learning a lot about Java very quickly. I wish my college courses worked this way, they drag the same amount of material out over months." - Thomas Neal

"I love this guy. I'm in school for java right now at a local college and I bought this course hoping it would help clarify the fuzzy areas of my coursework. There's no comparison. Every time I get lost in my text book, I watch a couple more of these videos and I'm right back on track. He explains everything so perfectly. It sinks right in." - Kristen Andreani

"Tim is a great instructor, I have more courses from him and all are great. This one really helped me with my understanding of Java from the very beginnings. In fa

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I am somewhat disappointed in the fact that the course gets too quickly into the details of the program, without giving a higher level overview of how the language is conceptually built up. I am interested in applications, and see how current libraries can be used, but after more than 100 lectures, I haven't heard a thing about it yet...
- Review by Maarten Schellekens

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Tim Buchalka's Courses on Udemy.com

  • Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers(2020)

  • 4.2 (50 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 80.5h

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  • Kotlin for Java Developers(2020)

  • 4.4 (100 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 16.5h

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  • Android Java Masterclass - Become an App Developer(2020)

  • 4.3 (50 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 60h

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  • Learn C# for Beginners Crash Course(2020)

  • 4.4 (96 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 13h

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  • Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin(2020)

  • 4.0 (49 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 52.5h

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  • Learn Java Programming Crash Course(2020)

  • 4.3 (46 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 12.5h

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  • Learn Python Programming Masterclass(2020)

  • 4.3 (82 Reviews)

    • icon Provider: Udemy
    • Time: 45.5h

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