User Experience Design: Complete UX Fundamentals Course (

Understand User Experience Design ( UX ) to begin designing web and mobile apps to keep your users engaged and happy.

Created by: Adam Treister

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Understand the basics of UX Design, and apply basic principals to common design problems
  • Identify which aspects of UX Design are holding a project back
  • Deep-dive into sub-components of UX Design for specialization
  • This course does NOT include material on advanced interface design. UI is NOT to be confused with UX.

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Course Description

UPDATE (03/01/2016): New Section!
  1. Just added a new section where we go over the most modern design and prototyping tools.
  2. We discuss design tools like Sketch 3, Photoshop, and Illustrator, so you can decide what to use.
  3. Overview of static prototyping tools like Marvel App and Invision
  4. Quick introduction to granular animation prototyping tools like Pixate, Flinto, FramerJS
  5. We create a simple design flow using Sketch!
  6. We put our prototype on Marvel
Interested in learning what makes a great web or mobile app? How to understand users? Or do you want to expand your web design or development skills? If so, you've come to the right place.
User Experience Design: The Accelerated UX Course is the quickest, and most cost-effective UX course you'll find on the web or your money back. We'll provide you with the knowledge of each of the major areas of UX Design, so you can begin designing web and mobile apps on your own.
User Experience Design (UXD or UX) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and "delight" provided in the interaction between a user and product. It's about making your apps intuitive, easy to use, and most of all effective at solving problems. Throughout the course, we'll walk you through the major knowledge areas of UX Design, and get you started on a path to UX Mastery.
This interactive and on-demand course includes everything you need to go from zero-to-60 in the world of UX. While it takes years to achieve mastery, our goal with this course is to help you fast-track the beginning steps.
What's included in the course?
The course is divided into 7 meticulously-designed sections, each developed with ease of learning in mind. While UX books, and other online UX courses require hours of reviewing theoretical content, this course fast tracks you to just the good stuff.
Combing the expertise of two instructors based in heart of the Silicon Valley technology scene, you'll dive deep into best parts of UX, so you can finish the course QUICKLY. To get started creating beautiful experiences right away, we'll walk you through a handful of sections that include:
  • History and Background of UX
  • Understanding Users
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design Principals
  • Functional Layout Design
  • User Psychology
  • Real-World Tips and Tricks
We've designed the course to make learning both quick and fun. And, I've used techniques proven to effortlessly lock-in knowledge. So what are you waiting for? If you're looking for a course to learn User Experience Design, and FAST, then look no further.
Still not convinced? The course includes full money back guarantee, so long as you request it within 30 days of your purchase. No questions asked. Who this course is for:
  • Beginner and Intermediate Designers
  • Anyone seeking to launch an app of their own

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Instructor Details

Adam Treister

I've launched a job posting marketplace for universities, an eco-products company, an automated e-commerce art company, and I've taught 4,000+ students User Experience Design through my online course. I'm now working on Product at Udemy, and interested in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and gamification. If you're seeking help with UX, user research, or general product strategy, feel free to reach out. Hello, I'm Pablo Stanley. I'm a San Francisco based product designer. I'm the designer and cofounder of a healthcare startup in San Francisco called Carbon Health. I love solving design puzzles, making silly illustrations, composing geeky music, creating colorful animated gifs, munching veggie burgers, and writing punny comics.
Mentoring is one of my new found passions. I want to learn and teach as much as I can and Udemy is the best platform for it.
I also write a comic series called "The Design Team".



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1: UX information was pretty good; however, in most of the cases, I could hear keyboard typing, which distracted me.2: I was expecting more from Pablo Stanley. Current chapters were basic and mainly for MAC users not for Windows (Sketch).

As a beginner, I've gained a lot of new information in terms of what UX Design is. First speaker guides you through the following slides very fluently, conveys knowledge in coherent and clear manner. Now I know how to expand my search and broaden the subject. So this is a good trigger and gives a direction what to learn in the next step. Although second part of the course is a little bit too messy, practical tips should be more consistent.

This was a fantastic course that explained many of the basic principles surrounding UX/UI Design. Being a beginner, this course has allowed me to understand what is important in this field. The instructors did a great job explaining everything and going at a pace that was easy to follow.

Es un curso muy interesante para introducirnos al mundo del UX. te da un panorama mucho ms claro de hacia donde ir y que es lo que hay que seguir aprendiendo y estudiando. Adems, la forma de explicar es muy clara y prctica.

The final prototyping class is really awesome. The instructor knows how to lead beginners to develop UI design skills on Sketch/Marvel.Other than that, the basic and fundamental testing and design tools intro is also a good class for beginners.

Good, but only scratch the surface of user design. It can be treated as introduction to ux not deep dive in.

would be helpful if resources for the sketch/marvel exercise at the end were included

I still don't know where to start after doing this course no practical examples on how to get started. If this was a lesson on driving this course is all theory.

I think this was a great course to dive into the basics and to test the waters to see if UX is a good direction or fit for you as a career! I wish there were some more hands on or visual things to get a good idea of the actual workflow process, but it was a good starting point to get the concepts down.

Bem editado mas muito raso o contedo.

The material is good and I like the real life examples from Udemy, but at the very end they show you how to use sketch (a application that costs $99 a year). I would have used Adobe XD, which is free.

Informatie is goed, alleen lijkt het mij een hoorcollege