UX Design Career Toolkit Pt 1: Is UX Right For You? (Udemy.com)

Discover if a career in Product / User Experience Design is the right career change for you

Created by: Jamal Nichols

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • This course will give you the tools you need to decide if a career in UX is right for you.
  • You will learn about the core traits that make UX designers successful
  • You will learn the secret downsides of working in UX that no one talks about

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Course Description

If you've found this course, chances are you've heard about the "hot new field" of UX design.
UX design is consistently rated as one of the highest paying jobs with the best work-life balance, and opportunities to be "creative." You now have vocational schools claiming that in a mere 10 weeks, they can transform you into a UX designer and double or triple your salary.
But is UX design really right for you? In this course, I will give you the tools to help you decide for yourself. I will give a brief overview of what UX design is, and the traits that make a good UX designer. I will talk about the frustrating parts of being a UX designer. And I will give you a set of questions to ask yourself that will help you examine yourself and decide if UX is a career path that makes sense for you!Who this course is for:
  • People interested in UX Design and who want to understand what it's about
  • People interested in making a career chance to UX from another field

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Instructor Details

Jamal Nichols

Formerly at Google, BMW, Wells Fargo, WalmartLabs. Run my own design consultancy in Silicon Valley now.
I got my start in teaching helping career changers make a transition into UX by way of a 10-week, full-time immersive program at General Assembly. I'm very passionate about teaching and mentoring-- I must be, because there's not a lot of money in this!
The unique perspective I bring to your design challenges is based on my unique background: because I'm a mix of very disparate cultures (American growing up in Germany), I connect subjects that other designers aren't able to connect as easily. This leads to seeing opportunities that would stay undiscovered if you worked with someone who does not have this perspective.I graduated with a Master's Degree in Media System Design from one of the top universities in Germany. Over the last decade, I've worked in all aspects of the design process at some point: frontend dev, engineering, visual design, prototyping/interaction/UX, product.



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Very nice overview from a good speaker, easy to follow even if not native english. Gave me quite some insights and thoughts. Thanks!

Excellent course for anyone who would like to know if UX Design is a good fit for them. Jamal is clear and honest about what kind of person would thrive in this profession. He also candidly covers the tougher aspects of the work. I'm grateful for the information and inspired to learn more.

Very helpful course. Absolutely gave me the information that I needed to know. Very good teacher - clear with real world examples. Sharing with his knowledge. Highly recommend.

I took this course to decide what I wanted to do with my career. When I arrived in the "Conclusion" part and he said some specific things that I used to do a lot and never thought about it as a "quality" for a career, it just clicked, these kind of moments are great in your life.

I think it's a very good explanation for someone who interesting in this field and it "Hit the target".It could be better if he had to show a short example of UX design work and explain more about the ways to get into the field and from which Professional background you could or better to get in UX design.

I really enjoyed that he was pretty down to earth and no fluff about it. I prefer to know and see the truth than anyone blowing smoke up my $$;)

Good to hear about pros, cons and personal traits to make a well thought over decision.

Thanks for this course, very useful information

Thank you for the UX introduction course and good explanations for the future possible newcomers.

Love it great content and quality

Disappointing. Jamal is good, but this seemed to need discussion to get things moving and it is clear this was meant for that. Not seeing engagement doesn't help. Big waste fo time and money. It was pretty basic and in fact way too basic. Did not help me follow a path.

Great insight on what to expect in a UX career before you dive into learning the tools. The course gives you the information you need to decide whether to jump into UX or find something else. I got clarity. Now, I know what to expect as I dive in. Great course Jamal!