UX Design College Class taught by a University UX Instructor (Udemy.com)

Learn the User Experience Design process, build user personas, UX research, learn UI design, create prototypes & more

Created by: Aaron Lawrence

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • In this Class, you learn :
  • How to set goals.
  • How to create a persona.
  • How to create a user interview script
  • Best practices when conducting user research.
  • How to synthesize research findings.
  • How to write a problem statement
  • How to create a customer journey map
  • Sketching templates & frameworks
  • How to create a wireframe design
  • How to create a click-able prototype
  • How to do user-testing
  • The basis of a design system
  • How to apply visual design to your wireframe
  • Best practices when it comes to design resumes
  • The outline of a good UX case study
  • UX design portfolios

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Course Description

  • Learn User Research
  • Learn how to set goals
  • Create User interview Scripts
  • How to Synthesize Research Insights
  • Write Problem Statements
  • Create Customer Journey Maps
  • Use UX sketching Frameworks
  • Create Wireframes using adobe XD and examples of good and not good wireframe designs
  • How to do user testing and user testing synthesis
  • How do create a design system
  • How do apply visual design to your wireframe
  • Best practices when creating a design resume
  • Learn to outline on how to create good UX case study

Download all the files you see in the videos including the Adobe XD design filesWho this course is for:
  • Graphic Designers, UI Designers, UX Designers, Product Managers, Researchers and anyone interested in learning more UX and UI skills

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Instructor Details

Aaron Lawrence

Hello, I'm Aaron. I'm a principle UX designer at a company called Pivotal and UX instructor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
I've been doing design for 13 years and yes, you should take my class, whether you're a beginner or want to pick up some advanced techniques, this class will guide you through the UX design process. We'll go through user center design and design thinking philosophies, then stop at each section and deep dive into the tools, best practices & design methods, turning the abstract into easy to understand, tactical take aways. I've spent countless hours creating this content & downloadable documents that help you practice each topic. A lot of this content is what I teach at the university level and available for you.
My bliss mode is designing and making things for people to use. I practice lean and agile methodologies, alongside user-centered design, design thinking, UX research, assumption validation, interaction design, user testing, component driven design, and visual design. All of which you can learn by watching my UX design 101 class.
Go watch the free intro video to learn more about the class.
Thanks and Happy Designing



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This was a good theory course. He does a good job of explaining all of the phases that goes into a UX Design project.

I really enjoyed the course. I was mainly interested in the UX/UI design and wireframing creation of which I have very little experience. I have extensive Design Thinking and MVP experience but was lacking the next step of design and prototyping. Normally in my projects, I had to rely on others for this.Aarons explanation of each process and how easy designing wireframes is top class. His methods are easy to follow, understand and it opens you up for creativity. I followed his instructions video for video and understanding the design process allowed me to become more confident in my style of design. Great course. I fast-tracked this skill in my freelancer offerings.

It's good and simple especially because I'm already in the UX space. This gives extra learning for me and more reference.

Although mentor tried his best and it is a good course for beginners or for some one who wants to know about UX in just few hours but what i observed is that there are few important things about research are not covered such as Double Diamond Process and 6D Process. Eyeball Tracking, Information Architecture Mental Model and Conceptual Model Accesbilty and Findabilty, Latch Theory is not there.I suggest to add iOS and Android design guidelines also.

Muy bien explicado el proceso completo de diseo UX y hay harto material de ayuda y recursos interesante.

I loved the course, The only part I feel that need more emphasis on was the design system adopting Brad frost's methodology. Everything was well organized and structured.I hope you'd be able to extend this course to students doing their own case study and providing support and feedback to create a UX community on slack or something.

Very disappointed in this course.1. The sound was incredibly soft - I could hardly hear even with noise-canceling headphones on the maximum setting2. The instructor simply just read his own website out loud - zero connection with the instructor3. The instructor would read the words on the screen incorrectly4. Lots and lots of grammar errors in the presentation. As a designer, I found this stumbled my ability to pay attention to what was being said (often incorrectly as per my point above)5. Not a lot of resources, not a lot of further links to take learning further

great course! explain all the phases at the project. enjoy all the sections

nicely presented, well organised and very informative.

Great! course. I learned alot.

Excellent insights. The narration is at the right speed.

The sound is too low.