100 Days of SwiftUI

Created by: Paul Hudson

Produced in 2019

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Course Description

ios swift Awards Best Text Based Course

Welcome to the 100 Days of SwiftUI! This is a free collection of videos, tutorials, tests, and more, all drawn from around my work here on Hacking with Swift, and all designed to help you learn SwiftUI effectively.Its aimed squarely at beginners who want to learn to build real iOS apps, but struggle to find a good, free course that can help them achieve their goals. If thats you, welcome I hope youre ready to show the iOS world what youre made of!If youre looking for my original 100 Days of Swift, click here 100 Days of SwiftUI and 100 Days of Swift both share the same 15-day introduction to Swift, but then one focuses on SwiftUI whereas the other teaches UIKit, SpriteKit, and more.

Instructor Details

Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson is the creator and editor of Hacking with Swift. He's developed software for a huge range of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, Xbox 360, and Linux, using languages like Swift, Objective-C, Python, PHP, Java, C#, and more.



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By Tomallama on 08/13/2019

So would I recommend this tutorial for people? ABSOLUTELY! I was literally able to release my first app with (pretty much) only doing this tutorial alone. Everything I did I took from a lesson in 100 Days of Swift. My layout is created similar to 7 Swifty Words, the majority of my flags are created using Core Graphics, I use tableviews, CollectionViews, UIAlertControllers, UIActivityController, animation, Timers, importing images, resizing images, ScrollViews, UserDefaults, and the normal programming stuff that Swift offers. I literally learned ALL of those things from Hacking With Swift. If I can do it, you can too!

By gonnabuysomewindows on 07/29/2017

For beginners to swift, I would highly recommend HWS. I've been working on a new project on the side incorporating many of the new concepts I've been learning so far which has really been helping me retain the information.

By dave_two_point_oh on 08/18/2018

I'll vouch for Hacking with Swift. I came from an Objective-C iOS background (EDIT: also CS degree and previous non-iOS dev work) and found that Paul Hudson's stuff was a good way to transition into the Swift side of things.

By digitalburro on 06/27/2015

I'll put it to you this way -- I've gone through very expensive Swift training (corporate training is a big money business and it always shocks me) and the contents of this very expensive training have been almost identical to what is available for free on Hacking with Swift. I would even go so far as to say I've seen, in some cases, more detail on HwS than in my other training.

By vaporcasts on 02/27/2018

Very clear explanations, and explained so that even people who are not very experienced with programming, and havent been doing it for decades, can understand what's going on.

By emanleet on 09/21/2017

Hacking with Swift is an amazing, practical approach to iOS development, and I believe it is still free (though supporting them is always encouraged, and I believe you get convenience out of it, like a PDF version of their material or something like that among other things). I recommend going through their projects. Once finished, you will be in a good place to branch off, they offer several books that specialize in various aspects of Swift.

By chabv on 09/22/2017

HWS introduced me to a way of learning even though I knew how to code. Forget the theory, do practical things first and you'll see the theory fall into place.

By Ryan Teo on 01/03/2016

Hacking With Swift - very good step by step but no videos. Offers 2 ways to learn ie learning via building apps or swift language first.

By Ethan Root on 06/16/2018

These online tutorials are a great way to learn the basics of Swift and start building your first few projects with step-by-step instructions. Paul Hudson, the author, writes in a way thats easy to understand, especially if youre new to programming. These tutorials are designed to be used on a Mac with Xcode. Highly recommended and theyre free!