2022 Update! React Testing with Jest and Enzyme (Udemy.com)

Improve your React, Redux, Hooks and Context Code with Test Driven Development

Created by: Bonnie Schulkin

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Write unit and integration tests for React and Redux using Jest and Enzyme.
  • Know the tradeoffs for different testing approaches and when to choose which approach.
  • Plan your React app more effectively via Test Driven Development.

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Take your React code to the next level by learning Test Driven Development (TDD) with Jest and Enzyme! Jest is a powerful, flexible testing framework, and Enzyme provides tools to test React and Redux applications. In this course, you will learn to test:
  • Connected and unconnected components
  • Component state and Redux state
  • Action creators and reducers
  • Complex action creators that use Redux Thunk and Axios
  • Action creators called from connected components
  • React hooks, including useEffect, useState and useReducer
  • React context, including context with embedded state
  • Using Jest mock functions to spy on methods, control their return values or simply prevent them from running during the test
Please Note: This course does not cover Jest snapshots, as they are not compatible with the TDD mode of testing.
Why Learn to Test?
Test Driven Development will help you write better organized code that's easier to maintain, which will save you time in the long run. Your tests provide value to your software development team, since others know they can rely on your code. Employers want developers with testing skills!
Learn the Reasons behind the Syntax
This course discusses tradeoffs when considering different approaches to testing, leaving you confident in the testing choices you make. Furthermore, you will deepen your understanding of React and Redux as we dig into how and why we test each aspect.
Practice your New Skills
You will also have opportunities to practice what you've learned. There are occasional "quizzes" while we're building the course projects, where you can apply what you learned, and then watch a video to see the solution. There are also two sets of challenges to extend the course projects, with solutions on GitHub. Who this course is for:
  • Programmers interested in improving their React apps with testing

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Instructor Details

Bonnie Schulkin

My teaching career started when I played school with my (not very willing) younger brother as a kid. I gradually expanded my horizons to teaching (marginally) more willing high school students, and more recently have taught software development at various boot camps to delightfully willing adults. I have been working in the software industry on and off since the mid-90s, which predates the birth of many coders in the San Francisco tech scene.



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Really well thought out and structured and so well explained. I loved the code plans at the beginning of the sections as they really helped set the scene and were great for referring back to as coding progressed. It's been so satisfying taking what was covered into the course and using it in my day job. It's also great to see that the course has been updated to ensure it stays relevant. Can't recommend it enough

What a fantastic course! Testing has long been lacking in my coding and I can't wait to implement all I have learned in my future projects. Thank you Bonnie!!

The course is very good and effective. The only thing that I want to ask is to focuse more on hooks testing such as useEffect(testing of side-effects from this hook e.g. updating state on the prop change), useMemo, useCallback. Thank you very much! Best regards.

A great course, taught in a very clear way that follows a logical progression. I highly recommend it.

It is accomplishing all my expectations.I think it could have been better if we had started a new project since Section 10.

The course itself provided a lot of valuable data and I can already feel I've grown quite a bit.The only issue I have with this course is that it is really slow paced (12h), mostly because the author is explaining some utterly basic things attendees should already now about.Other than that, the material is really nice and I'm glad I bought it.

Very helpful in understanding different React coding approaches, TDD, and how to build effective tests.

Course is great although by the 80th video i am already drunk and by the end I will either end up in hospital or dead.Well nevermind that and as the instructor says: "Have a drink if you caught that one!"

Feel like this course could be more concise, code quality could be better. Lecture makes a lot of mistakes which wastes some time (visual code has a lot of helpful extensions which can prevent these issue, should consider making the move)

It was an extremely helpful and informative course. It helped to get a good idea of experiencing TDD using Jest & Enzyme.

It can be difficult to find comprehensive resources on testing React apps. This course is comprehensive, practical, high quality, and well-edited. The instructor is both knowledgeable and engaging. I hope she decides to create some more courses.

The course is really good and covered all my expectations.Thanks to the author.