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The Best Courses to Learn ReactJS in 2020

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Introduction to ReactJS
Best Free Course

1 )

Introduction to ReactJS (2017)

Developed by Microsoft and hosted by edX, this free 3-week course is an essential beginner guide to ReactJS. It is mostly focused on teaching JSX syntax and React Components. A paid verified certificate is offered at the end of the course.
    • Course is free to audit for those who dont need credits or certifications.
    • Assignments and mini projects are invaluable source of information.
    • Course provides an optional professional certificate to verify competency in the subject.
    • Teaching style limits interaction with other people. Its an incredibly self-reliant course.
    • The course certification is an additional charge and pricier than comparable classes.
    • Course is surprisingly unpopular, leaving little peer review to gauge its accessibility for diverse students.
Best Practical Course

2 )

The Beginner's Guide to React (2017)

Kent C. Dodds created this guide to get first-timers through all of the basics of React JS. Its a video tutorial series that takes students through downloadable HTML files that creates an interactive learning experience.
    • Very few free video series have interactive projects like this course. It creates a unique hands-on learning experience with a reviewable web lecture series.
    • Every video comes with a complete transcript. If anything is difficult to understand audibly, it can be read in text.
    • Videos only can be accessed for free. Payment is only necessary to download the files for the full interactive experience.
    • Downloadable files are only available to Egghead members. The course cannot be purchased individually.
    • There is no instructor interaction. The most recent comment in the course was posted in 2018.
    • The lack of direct interaction can leave users stuck if they have software or download problems.
React Tutorial - Learn React - React Crash Course
Best Crash Course

3 )

React Tutorial - Learn React - React Crash Course (2018)

This YouTube tutorial was created by Programming with Mosh. It is a free-to-access video lesson on the basics of app development with React. A supplemental course is available for a charge. The course covers the basics of working with React to create object-oriented web or mobile apps.
    • Content is extremely organized. You can take a shortcut to any lesson with a single click.
    • Entire course is 100 percent free to access, and as many times as you like.
    • Course is frequently accessed and the course community is very active.
    • The entire crash course is a single video. Be sure to write down timestamps with any breaks.
    • While the community is active, the instructor does not reliably respond to questions and information requests.
    • Content is ad-funded. Lessons are interrupted with brief ads and can disrupt the experience.
Front-End Web Development with React

4 )

Front-End Web Development with React (2018)

Developed by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, this Coursera course covers front-end development with React. It is a course for beginners that covers the essentials of using the React library to build web applications.
    • Course does not require an extensive background in coding or computer science.
    • Course will take newcomers by the hand to make an easy introduction into React development.
    • Course is built around a master project that will be revisited throughout. Helps to focus the learning.
    • Course is introductory. This is not a comprehensive course on professional-grade usage of React. Advanced students will be disappointed.
    • Course neglects automated testing.
    • Supplemental help comes primarily from forums rather than from direct interaction with the instructor.
Awesome React
Best Text Based Course

5 )

Awesome React (2014)

This master collection of React tools and resources is the only Github location youll need to create amazing applications. It includes demo apps, example apps, lectures, tutorials, development tools and more. No matter the experience level, there are invaluable resources available here.
    • This is a community-made master list. Every resource was added because React developers found it useful. It is React help for and by React users.
    • This is likely the most comprehensive single source of information on React available anywhere.
    • These resources are universal. From first-time users to professional React developers, everyone can benefit from this master list.
    • This is not a professionally organized presentation of information. Its a master list of community-organized resources and it can be difficult to find exactly what you need.
    • Downloading the culmination of resources would take weeks. The information is vast and not consolidated.
    • Youre on your own. There is no central help to navigate this rabbit hole.
Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization

6 )

Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization (2018)

This Coursera Specialization was developed by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Its a series that takes a deep dive into React. The precursors to this course cover front-end frameworks. In this course, that understanding is broadened to teach students front-end and hybrid development for mobile users. It covers server-side support and multi-platform development. Students interested in this course should have prerequisite knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Intermediate React Fundamentals
Best Advanced Course

7 )

Intermediate React Fundamentals (2017)

This course is part of a series by Rithm that aims to develop a deep understanding of React development. The first class in the series is an introduction to React and the React library. In the intermediate course, students learn to build single page applications. The course also covers React Router and Redux. It takes an intermediate look at testing and full-stack applications.
Learn React for Free

8 )

Learn React for Free (2017)

This video tutorial series, by Scrimba, provides aspiring React developers a free resource to learn the fundamentals of using React for web and application development. It is aimed at beginners, and it includes roughly 6 hours of instruction split over 58 unique lessons. While maintaining an introductory level of instruction, the course aims to be as comprehensive as possible in teaching React tools and development fundamentals.
Introduction to the React Challenges

9 )

Introduction to the React Challenges (2018)

FreeCodeCamp created this introduction to React to help developers learn the essential elements of using Facebooks open-source JavaScript library. Despite being an introductory course, it gets deep into the inner workings of React. The 47 unique lessons will take students on a journey of discovery that will leave them well-equipped to get into React development. Each lesson includes example code, programming experience and code testing. Its a hands-on approach to learning.

10 )

React Bootcamp (2017)

Tyler McGinnis ran a free React bootcamp. He recorded the sessions and then turned them into this web tutorial. The bootcamp is split into four days of videos, each ranging between 1 and 2.5 hours in length. The videos are supplemented with sample code and practice exercises. While the bootcamp is intended for new React developers, it aims to transform novices into strong React developers. The term Bootcamp fully applies with this video series.

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