Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization

This Coursera Specialization was developed by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Its a series that takes a deep dive into React. The precursors to this course cover front-end frameworks. In this course, that understanding is broadened to teach students front-end and hybrid development for mobile users. It covers server-side support and multi-platform development. Students interested in this course should have prerequisite knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Created by: Jogesh K. Muppala

Produced in 2018

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Course Description

Learn front-end and hybrid mobile development, with server-side support, for implementing a multi-platform solution.The first two courses in this Specialization cover front-end frameworks: Bootstrap 4 and React. Youll also learn to create hybrid mobile applications, using React Native. On the server side, youll learn to implement NoSQL databases using MongoDB, work within a Node.js environment and Express framework, and communicate to the client side through a RESTful API. Learners enrolling in this Specialization are expected to have prior working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.Ideally learners should complete the courses in the specified sequence. It is strongly recommended that the React course be completed before proceeding with the React Native course.

Instructor Details

Jogesh K. Muppala

Jogesh is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the School of Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Duke University in 1991.



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By Sirageldin E A on 04/17/2020

Great course. Very practical and showcases (almost) everything React is capable of, minus the new features because this course is already 2-3 years old as of this review. If you're new to React, this won't be a breeze. At least it wasn't for me. This specialization, including this react course should be taken with supplementary theoretical tutorials (the additional readings included are not enough to cover the gap). I recommend freeCodeCamp and Scrimba for that, they helped cement the React fundamentals for me. Only then this course would be helpful. Otherwise you would struggle to understand even the basic concepts, and you're on your own because the discussion forums are useless. 99% of the people who post are asking for reviews. That's my only complaint.

By Dhanush c on 07/10/2018

Dope react course.I hesitated to even choose react because of the syntax of react.But its cool now as im used to it . Felt comfortable while learning

By Basanta P on 02/16/2019

Got lost often. It would have been better if I knew the overall picture and what I was working on currently, not just in terms of confusion, which really resulted in confusion.

By Herbert R on 10/04/2018

The pace of the course is too fast for the topics being introduced. In week 4, too much information is being thrown at you to learn. One cannot get a good understanding of these topics in such a short time. Additionally, the professor should have diagrams of concepts like ReduxThunk and Redux in general to give students a much clearer explanation of what is going on. Finally, instructors assistants rarely reply to discussion questions.

By Ryan O T on 01/24/2020

This course is very comprehensive, I went from basics all the way up to understand Flux, Redux, Thunk, etc. The instructor is very good in explaining the details of each topic

By Guillaume B on 09/18/2018

This was just the right amount of 'taking me by the hand' for my level. The emphasis on building a site and hands-on experience is how I prefer to learn. Thanks!

By Meryl M on 06/20/2019

I really like this professor! He has a pleasant voice, explains everything very clearly and gives you a lot of context for understanding why he's doing what he's doing. I learned a LOT in this course and feel comfortable using React&Redux in my own projects. As an experienced full-stack developer, I didn't need to use the forums for help much at all, and I was able to watch most of the videos at 2x speed. That said, there was a ton of useful content in this course, and I often refer back to the materials while building my own projects. I have one problem with how Redux is taught, although it's not huge. In the exercises, we wrote the whole project using just React first. Then, to teach the Redux part, he had us replace React code with a whole ton of Redux code without showing us what it was doing and ended by saying something like, As you can see, everything works exactly the same way it did before.' In my opinion this didn't make it very clear how Redux was working. It would've been clearer if the data retrieved via Redux would have been a little different - like maybe it could have had some extra dishes/leaders/promos in there that weren't in the React-only dishes objects. That said, I still left this course understanding Redux and Thunk much more clearly. Also, his mic is right next to the keyboard, so you have to hear this loud clunking for hours and hours and hours if you're listening to this course on headphones. Overall, I would highly recommend this course to experienced web developers who are trying to learn new skills.

By Jai k S on 04/08/2020

If you want to learn new skills this course is good but this course is not updated one.I have faced many problems while doing this course.Further in this you have to use a particular versions of packages. Updated versions are not been taught in this course.

By Aravind V on 05/16/2019

Excellent Course to get a grip of React JS. I loved the way you start a project from the week 1 and finish parts of it as assignments during the course. This actually helped me focus on the learning rather than getting stuck in the assignments. The concepts were clear. I felt some of the redux concepts could have been explained with more diagrams etc. But still overall this course is really good compared to some of the online tutorials I was referring to for learning React. It gave me a proper structure to developing a React application.

By Michael S on 05/05/2019

I was able to use the course to build some simple React apps and further my knowledge. Has a good set of additional readings, lectures are clear, the assignments are quite simple if you follow the lectures and gave me a good code base to start creating my own projects.

By Muhammad U S on 09/13/2019

A comprehensive course to get you started with React. It covers all the fundamental concepts with good explanation and steadily escalates to advanced concepts. I would highly recommend developers with good JavaScript (ES6) knowledge to pursue this course.

By Pavan K M on 08/24/2018

Awesome course, which has given me the most of the insights of the React and i started converting my real time projects after taking this course.