The Beginner's Guide to React

Kent C. Dodds created this guide to get first-timers through all of the basics of React JS. Its a video tutorial series that takes students through downloadable HTML files that creates an interactive learning experience.

Created by: Kent C. Dodds

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • How to create HTML elements with Reacts API
  • Creating React components.
  • Re-rendering React applications.
  • Managing memory leaks.
  • Making HTTP requests.
  • Building and deploying a React application.

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Course Description

react js Awards Best Practical Course

React got that name for a reason. Its a component-based JavaScript library that renders smartly and can seriously simplify your work.This course is for React newbies and anyone looking to build a solid foundation. Its designed to teach you everything you need to start building web applications in React right away.Each lesson in this 19-part course is a single index.html file. This keeps your focus on learning React, no distractions. Well start with a blank file and add more complexity as we go along, wrapping the course with a lesson on how to move into a more production-ready development environmentand even deploy your app to a great service like Netlify.You'll come out of this course with a solid grasp on:what problems React can solvehow React solves those problems under the hoodwhat JSX is and how it translates to regular JavaScript function calls and objectsYoull build a solid understanding so when you come across JavaScript challenges down the road, youll know how toreact.



    • Very few free video series have interactive projects like this course. It creates a unique hands-on learning experience with a reviewable web lecture series.
    • Every video comes with a complete transcript. If anything is difficult to understand audibly, it can be read in text.
    • Videos only can be accessed for free. Payment is only necessary to download the files for the full interactive experience.
    • Downloadable files are only available to Egghead members. The course cannot be purchased individually.
    • There is no instructor interaction. The most recent comment in the course was posted in 2018.
    • The lack of direct interaction can leave users stuck if they have software or download problems.

Instructor Details

Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds is a world renowned speaker, teacher, and trainer and he's actively involved in the open source community as a maintainer and contributor of hundreds of popular npm packages. Kent is the creator of and he's an instructor on and Frontend Masters. He's also a Google Developer Expert. Kent is happily married and the father of four kids. He likes his family, code, JavaScript, and React.



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By Rajat Patel on 03/22/2018

This is the best free course hands down on React of all the one's here. From the awesome people at egghead. :)

By Chirag Visavadiya on 06/13/2019

Video quality and contents are awesome. I enjoyed it. Only issue was the speed of the tutorial. The speed was too fast some time I have to pause the video to understand the context and the logic.

By Thomas Sweeney on 04/02/2019

This is an excellent course. Clear, concise and the tutor actually has a good understanding of pedagogical principles.

By beefy_miracIe on 11/17/2018 also has a large amount of free react courses - in the format I like screencasts to be...very fast and concise.

By vcarl on 03/24/2018

Kent C Dodds does as well, and he goes further into some advanced concepts if you continue reading his blog and watching his other courses--personally he's somebody I agree a lot with, and he does a very good job of presenting the arguments in favor of the ideas.