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Best Free Course

1 )

Querying Data with Transact-SQL (2015)

Microsoft created this course through edX to provide a certification path to working with Transact-SQL. It takes developers who are new to SQL databases and leads them to proficiency with the concept.
    • Course is part of two certified programs: Data Analysis: Essential Skills and Data Science Core.
    • Course does a great job of encouraging experimentation, expanding the depth of understanding of the topics covered.
    • Course support is robust and outperforms many of its peers.
    • Course is for beginners with SQL, but not beginners with programming in general. It is geared towards an intermediate audience, and inexperienced coders may struggle.
    • Course does not involve writing queries from scratch, which leaves certified graduates feeling unprepared for real-world applications.
    • Course success rates are much higher for students with at least a peripheral background in SQL.
Introduction to SQL
Best Practical Course

2 )

Introduction to SQL (2015)

This free online course is an interactive tutorial. It focuses on practical learning with written and visual lessons. It is entirely self-paced, and it takes students through the introductory concepts of working with SQL, such as queries and data management.
    • The learn-by-doing approach is extremely effective. There is little focus on theory and instead a heavy emphasis on completing tasks that teach the concepts.
    • Course is followed up by multiple deeper dives into SQL topics.
    • Concepts in the course are streamlined. The focused information is easier to digest, leaving more complicated information for more advanced tutorials.
    • This is more of a freestanding, web-based self-help book than a course. It does include lessons, but there are no direct interactions with any kind of instructor.
    • There is virtually no support for the course. If a student gets stuck, they are on their own.
    • Course is a self-funded site, and may not be as reliable a resource to come back to over time.
Best Crash Course

3 )

Learn SQL in 1 Hour - SQL Basics for Beginners (2017)

This YouTube tutorial, by Joey Blue, is a true crash course in SQL. In just one hour, it covers all of the fundamental lessons for working with SQL, and it does so in a presentation geared for beginners. Its designed to be the absolute first place you need to look to start learning SQL.
    • Course is one of the shortest on the topic without sacrificing thoroughness or effective communication.
    • Every script in the course is available for download for further study and tinkering.
    • One of the most informationally organized YouTube tutorials you can find.
    • Additional support is minimal. Questions on the YouTube page might be answered eventually, but the video is old enough that the community has died down.
    • While the course is impressive for being only an hour long, the limited time forces ideas and concepts to be cut from the tutorial. Course is best used as a supplemental tutorial rather than a primary learning resource.
    • Course does not connect to a more advanced dive into SQL, leaving students stranded with limited information on the topic.
MySQL Tutorial for Beginners [2019] - Full Course
Best NEW Course

5 )

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners [2019] - Full Course (2019)

This YouTube tutorial features three hours of MySQL learning. Created by Programming with Mosh, it goes from introducing the very concept of SQL and database to creating, managing and restoring databases. In three hours of lecture, students have an opportunity to cover all of the core concepts of working with MySQL.
    • Programming with Mosh is a renowned YouTube tutorial channel, and this lives up to the reputation.
    • Every lesson within the tutorial is carefully tagged, cataloged and paired with downloadable examples.
    • Course only involves free-to-use software. There are no hidden costs for students on a budget.
    • Despite the age of the video, the instructor is still regularly responding to student questions and comments.
    • Tutorial glosses over table creation.
    • Tutorial has not been updated, and its not 2019. Some updates to MySQL may leave students confused.
    • Course does not provide support resources beyond the YouTube comments section.
SQL Tutorial
Best Text Based Course

6 )

SQL Tutorial (2012)

Created by SQLZoo, this interactive tutorial takes a learn-by-doing approach to teaching newcomers the fundamentals of SQL. It is split into multiple concise stages and assessments that are categorized by their content. Students will learn how to work with SQL, how to create and manage databases, and how to apply all of the lessons to real-world examples.
Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)
Best Advanced Course

7 )

Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) (2017)

This University of Michigan course, hosted by Coursera, teaches computer science students how to create MySQL databases. It is the second in a series of courses that teach web applications, and it is entirely self-paced. It is budgeted for 10 hours of lecture and practical learning, and by the end, students will have a working knowledge of database management using MySQL.
Learning MySQL Development

8 )

Learning MySQL Development (2014)

Get a simple introduction to MySQL- "without the overhead. Sheeri K. Cabral introduces the vocabulary and tools for MySQL, the world's most popular open-source database that powers everything from your neighbor's blog to Internet giants like Facebook. The goal of this course is to get you interacting with data and understanding just why databases are better. Most of the work is done at the command line, as Sheeri teaches you how to create a new database, build tables, read and edit database records, and use functions to query data. She also issues a series of challenges along the way that allow you to test your skills and compare your results with hers.
PHP with MySQL Essential Training: 1 The Basics

9 )

PHP with MySQL Essential Training: 1 The Basics (2017)

PHP is a popular programming language and the foundation of many smart, data-driven websites. This comprehensive course from Kevin Skoglund helps developers learn to use PHP to build interconnected webpages with dynamic content which can pass data between pages. Learn how PHP can simplify the creation of forms, read and validate form data, and display errors. Kevin also covers the fundamentals of MySQL and how to use PHP to efficiently and securely interact with a database to store and retrieve data. Throughout the course, he provides practical advice and offers examples of best practices.
Database Clinic: MySQL

10 )

Database Clinic: MySQL (2017)

The Database Clinic series pits experts and their databases of choice against a series of the same challenges, to highlight the unique capabilities of each database. In this installment of the series, Brad Wheeler demonstrates how MySQL- "one of the most widely-used database programs- "would rise to meet each task. After going over the strengths and weaknesses of MySQL, Brad shows how to create a database, and quickly load data into MySQL. He also explains how to join data sets; how to search, transform, and perform calculations with your data; and how to use external programming tools to interact with MySQL.

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