30 Best + Free Digital Painting Courses & Certification [2020][UPDATED]

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💻 Which Digital Painting Course Provider is best for me?
  • Udemy and Eduonix are best for practical, low cost and high quality Digital Painting courses.
  • Coursera, Udacity and EdX are the best providers for a Digital Painting certificate, as many come from top Ivy League Universities.
  • YouTube is best for free Digital Painting crash courses.
  • PluralSight, SkillShare and LinkedIn are the best monthly subscription platforms if you want to take multiple Digital Painting courses.
  • Independent Providers for Digital Painting courses & certificates are generally hit or miss.
💼 What is Digital Painting used for?
It is most widely used in conceptual design for film, television and video games. Digital painting software such as Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, ArtRage, GIMP, Krita and openCanvas give artists a similar environment to a physical painter: a canvas, painting tools, mixing palettes, and a multitude of color options.
💰 How much do Digital Painting developers make?
$19,500 - $28,499
14% of jobs
$32,500 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers.
$37,500 - $46,499
17% of jobs
The average salary is $54,462 a year
$46,500 - $55,499
12% of jobs
$55,500 - $64,499
8% of jobs
$66,500 is the 75th percentile. Salaries above this are outliers.
$73,500 - $82,499
5% of jobs
$82,500 - $91,499
3% of jobs
$91,500 - $100,499
2% of jobs
$100,500 - $109,499
2% of jobs
$109,500 - $118,500
1% of jobs
US National Average$19,500 $118,500$54,462/year
📃 Is a Digital Painting Certificate worth it?
Yes and No. Certified Digital Painting developers on average make more money. Having a Digital Painting certificate greatly increases the chance of landing an interview and can open otherwise closed doors. Coursera, Udacity and EdX offer excellent certificate options for impressing your future employers. Eduonix, Udemy and several other providers offer certificates, but they aren't as reputable. If you have a Computer Science Degree, certificates are not as important. Still, many employers won't care about certificates, but rather your interview skills, experience and/or skills assessment.
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The Illustration Masterclass

1 )

The Illustration Masterclass (2020)

Create professional-looking digital paintings and illustrations even if you "can't draw."

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • Create powerful custom illustrations in minutes using free or paid software (Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP, etc) using simple techniques and basic principles.
  • Understand image creation best practices regarding copyrights and using free stock images, original photos, and royalty-free images.
  • Develop the ability to make illustrations that can be used online, in videos, or for print, even if you CAN'T DRAW.
  • Make unique and inexpensive illustrated gifts for friends and family.
  • Save and make money creating your own illustrations for yourself and others.
  • Avoid headaches if and when you lose your work by learning the proper way to save your files.
  • Learn ways to boost creativity using simple, proven creatvity recipes
  • Gain an understanding of the most useful "art-school" design hacks so your images look more professional
  • Bonus: Learn how to use free tools to make stunning professional-looking social media graphics in under 1
Learning Corel Painter 2015

2 )

Learning Corel Painter 2015 (2017)

Learn why this digital painting software is still the best in its category and how to use its features to maximum effect

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • create unique digital artwork using the various tools, settings, and techniques Corel Painter makes available
  • use a combination of brush, filter, and manipulation features to mimic the look of physical paint
How to create Digital Painting Effect in Adobe Photoshop

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • Turn Every Image into Digital Painting
  • Give their Images Look of Stunning Piece of Art-Work
Digital Painting in Photoshop : A Beginner's Guide

4 )

Digital Painting in Photoshop : A Beginner's Guide (2018)

Learn the Basics on How to Use Photoshop to Create Stunning Digital Artwork

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • You will learn how to use the tools within Photoshop to create digital paintings efficiently and effectively.
  • You will learn how to adjust brush settings so that you can draw and paint more effectively within Photoshop.
  • You will learn popular shortcut commands to improve your speed when working inside of Photoshop.
  • You will learn how to properly use layers and groups to create dynamic pieces of digital art with ease.
  • You will be able to navigate through Photoshop and get to the tools you need with more precision.
Digital Painting, Corel Painter Essentials, Beginners Guide

5 )

Digital Painting, Corel Painter Essentials, Beginners Guide (2020)

Easy, follow along project - from sketch to final render using Corel Painter Essentials

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • Create Painterly Style Digital Images
  • Explore The Corel Painter Essentials Application
  • Apply Traditional Painting Techniques To A Digital Workflow
  • Get the most out of this application
digital painting for environment with Camille Kuo

6 )

digital painting for environment with Camille Kuo (2018)

start from greyscale or true color with custom shape, visual effect, and light&color tweak to final

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • get an idea how to set the composition, choose vivid eye catching colors, and add visual effects
The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced

7 )

The Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced (2018)

Learn the #1 most important skill for digital artists!

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • Digitally paint in a variety of styles.
Digital Painting: From Sketch to Finished Product

8 )

Digital Painting: From Sketch to Finished Product (2018)

A step by step guide to create amazing digital paintings using adobe photoshop.

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • Create amazing digital paintings with Adobe Photoshop!
  • Break into an exciting and growing digital art marketplace.
  • Focus their creativity into an easy-to-grasp process that leads to excellent results.
The Ultimate Digital Painting Course - Beginner to Advanced

9 )

The Ultimate Digital Painting Course - Beginner to Advanced (2020)

Everything from drawing fundamentals to professional painting techniques

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • Digital painting techniques
  • Drawing Fundamentals
  • How to create concept art
  • Color theory
  • Character design
  • Photo realistic painting
  • Perspective
Painting Faces with the Power of Photoshop

10 )

Painting Faces with the Power of Photoshop (2018)

Master a Timeless Art Form using the Digital Medium

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • Sketch and render realistic and beautiful depictions of the human face
Digital Painting for Cartoon Characters

11 )

Digital Painting for Cartoon Characters (2020)

Learn how to draw and paint characters in a cartoon style in Adobe Photoshop.

iconWhat You'll Learn

  • Use Adobe Photoshop for illustration and digital painting
  • Understand the basics of lighting and shading
  • Apply different techniques for painting digitally
  • Paint in Grey Scale and apply colours after all shading is done

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