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Take a deep dive into JavaScript, a Must-Know Language in Web Development, with a Hands-on, Example-driven Approach

Created by: Maximilian Schwarzmuller

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Use JavaScript to write modern, reactive Websites
  • Understand how JavaScript works and how to use its many advantages
  • Dive into JavaScript Libraries like jQuery or Frameworks like Angular 2 or React

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Learn one of the most important Languages in Web Development - from scratch in a fast-paced fashion!
JavaScript is one of the most important parts of every modern, reactive, user-friendly Web Pages or Applications. Despite that fact, you might yourself know many tutorials which leave you with a lot of open questions or are good, but also a couple of years old!
Hands-on, Example-driven Course

Join this course to receive a hands-on, example-driven JavaScript Bootcamp, which will guide you through the amazing language of JavaScript. Beginning at the very basics, we will walk through the various characteristics and features, JavaScript offers.
Experienced Instructor

As a freelance web developer I use JavaScript a lot but I know that using it doesn't necessarily qualify you to teach it well. That's why I'm also proud to host three 5-star rated courses here on Udemy as well as a successful learning YouTube channel.
I not only offer high quality videos and examples, I'm also there to help whenever you're facing problems or do have open questions. Indeed, telling by the reviews of my other courses, I offer one of the best support services you will find on Udemy!
Pay once, benefit a Lifetime!

It's best to have a look at the course content, to find out what you will learn - but to give you a quick overview:
  • All the basics about variables, functions, operators, language features, built-in objects and much more!
  • In-depth modules on Arrays, Objects & Prototypes, Functions, DOM Interaction, Events, AJAX and all the other core features that make JavaScript so important!
  • Hundreds of examples, showing all the concepts taught, allowing you to see them in action immediately
  • A complete project to practice the skills gained throughout this course
  • World-class support in case of any course-related questions or problems

Who this course is for:
  • This course is meant for students who never touched JavaScript before or everyone interested into refreshing knowledge about specific topics
  • No prior JavaScript knowledge is required, though you may very well use this course to simply train your skills and practice with JavaScript if you already have some basic experience

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Instructor Details

Maximilian Schwarzmuller

Experience as (Web) Developer

Starting out at the age of 13 I never stopped learning new programming skills and languages. Early I started creating websites for friends and just for fun as well. Besides web development I also explored Python and other non-web-only languages. This passion has since lasted and lead to my decision of working as a freelance web developer and consultant. The success and fun I have in this job is immense and really keeps that passion burningly alive.
Starting web development on the backend (PHP with Laravel, NodeJS, Python) I also became more and more of a frontend developer using modern frameworks like React, Angular or VueJS 2 in a lot of projects. I love both worlds nowadays!
As a self-taught developer I had the chance to broaden my horizon by studying Business Administration where I hold a Master's degree. That enabled me to work in a major strategy consultancy as well as a bank. While learning, that I enjoy development more than these fields, the time in this sector greatly improved my overall experience and skills.
Experience as Instructor
As a self-taught professional I really know the hard parts and the difficult topics when learning new or improving on already-known languages. This background and experience enables me to focus on the most relevant key concepts and topics. My track record of many 5-star rated courses, more than 700,000 students on Udemy as well as a successful YouTube cha



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It was a good experience , a very good helpful teacher, but not enough examples on DOM interactions!! But its about very good lecture!! Thanks

This is a great course that took me from beginner in Javascript and unable to understand tutorials I watched on Youtube, to being able to understand the basics of Javascript and some advanced topics.

As always.the course is excellent.Max is the best instructor .whenever i want to learn something,i will search that course created by Max.

I enjoyed the way MASTER max explained things. Learned a lot from this course. Already in progress with his Accelerated Es6 course. :-) Really suggest this for Beginners and Intermediate level developers.

Well structured introduction to JavaScript and its interaction with the DOM and I'm looking forward to having some other courses with Max! "Mission accomplished" on the part of the instructor and the participant (i.e. me)!

I really like the courses taken by Max. I can understand, it's straightforward and practical. When I want to learn something new, I first check to see if there are any Max courses available. Really recommend this course.

Max explains all important things very well. It is easy to understand for beginners and also good for those who want to refresh their current knowledge. He is really one of the greatest tutors.

I completed 100% of the course. I am not a professional programmer and didn't have any JS knowledge prior the course, but had some programing experience with Python.In general the course was a good investment of my time, but there are few things which could be improved:+ Some topics are not covered in detail, I had to google a lot to clarify some terminology as the explanation wasn't 100% clear.+ The examples of explained topics could could have more practical usage, especially when explaining OOP: showing a function/object which only prints something in console is very basic and lazy approach.+ There could be more practical things like the very last section with weather application. You have like 5 hours of theory without applying it and then finally you create a small website where you use all the learnt topics. It is a practice which makes learning much more efficient. I tried to write my own code and made notes in OneNote for every topic explained and because of this I have some knowledge after I finished it.I am setting the rating of 3 starts because there is a room for improvement, not because I didn't like it at all.If one already has good knowledge of another programming language, then the course could be good as it quickly shows how different aspects work in JS.

Great! Love Max. sometimes talk and laugh with him. It would be helpful to ask the student to complete short and easy drills after each little piece of information.

By Lior on

I took this course as a refreshment.Max has excellent tutoring skills and a very professional approach.I have enjoyed taking this course.

Nice course. If you going to learn something like Vue or React then this course is right choice. Here you find briefly overview of the vanilla JS without useless code practice. It can be boring for the intermediate developers.

Clear and detailed. Covers the strange parts so that we are not confused by the console return. Nice project in the end using what has been shown in the course.