JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners by The Net Ninja

This tutorial features 5 hours of concise video instruction on JavaScript fundamentals. Learn the basics fast so you can get on to writing your own scripts as quickly as possible.

Created by: Shaun Pelling

Produced in 2015

What you will learn

  • Everything you need to start coding in JavaScript.
  • Syntax, variables, operators, booleans, else if statements, etc.
  • Create and manipulating objects.
  • Working with the DOM.
  • Change page content based on user inputs and page changes.
  • Working with events like onClick and onLoad.
  • Accessing form elements.
  • Much, Much more!

Course Description

javascript Awards Best YouTube Tutorial

Go from zero to ninjas in this JavaScript for Beginners complete tutorial playlist. In this playlist we'll start with the basics - what is JavaScript, how do we use it, variables, arrays and control flow. Then we'll crank it up a notch and talk about slightly more advanced JavaScript topics such as Objects and Event handling. Finally we'll look at a few JS Libraries and where to look next to further your study!



    • Instructor is very thorough and methodical in covering each concept.
    • The tutorial is broken down into easily digestible 5-10 minute clips.
    • His upbeat and enthusiastic demeanor keeps it feeliing light and fun.
    • At just 4.5 hours, this tutorial serves as a quick crash course into the world of JavaScript.
    • Talks fast; non native English speakers may have trouble keeping up.
    • No exercises or assignments in the course to reinforce the concepts being learned.

Instructor Details

Shaun Pelling

Since a young age, Shaun has had an obsession for nearly anything tech-related. He's been coding since about the age of 15 and he work as a full-stack web developer and online instructor. Shaun runs a well-known development tutorial YouTube channel called The Net Ninja with nearly 300,000 subscribers. His specialities mainly gravitate around one central language - JavaScript. He's been programming with it for around 12 years and - as with any long-term relationship - he's had the pleasure of seeing it's ugly side as well as it's beautiful side. So he knows the pitfalls to avoid when using it, and pass these on when appropriate in his tutorials.



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