Adobe Illustrator CC - Essentials Training Course (

Learn Adobe Illustrator CC graphic design, logo design, and more with this in-depth, practical, easy-to-follow course!

Created by: Video School Online Inc

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • You will be able to add Illustrator to your CV
  • You will be able to start earning money from your Illustrator Skills.
  • You will have over 30 of your own projects to add to your portfolio.
  • Feel comfortable using Adobe Illustrator to design your own graphics from scratch.
  • Navigate Adobe Illustrator CC like a pro.
  • Design your own graphics, without any experience.
  • Draw beginner to advanced shapes and icons.
  • Learn all of the key skills of Illustrator: shapes, text, masking, effects, and exporting.
  • Master advanced Illustrator tools and techniques.
  • Export your projects for print, web, or other design projects.
  • Make your ideas come to life.
  • Create your own logos.
  • Draw existing famous logos.
  • Illustrate animals.
  • Draw with paint brushes.
  • Draw with pens & pencils.
  • Create custom typography.
  • Take hand drawings and recreate them using Illustrator.
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Course Description

Are you frustrated trying to teach yourself Adobe Illustrator?! This course will quickly allow you to start getting paid for your Illustrator skills.
Whether you're brand new to Illustrator, or have played around with it but need more guidance, this course will help you feel confident and comfortable using the industry-standard vector-based graphic application.
  • Jane: "It's just a GREAT course! I LOVE IT! And I will advise this course to everyone who wants to learn Adobe Illustrator! Daniel is a great teacher... no! Daniel is the perfect teacher! Thank you, Daniel, for this awesome course!"
Create logo design, icons, characters, textures, text-based graphics, illustrations & full graphic design skills in Adobe Illustrator CC!
This course was designed for the complete beginner, with practice files and fun projects to get you taking action. Throughout this Illustrator CC course, you'll be designing your own real-world projects that are professional and inspire you to do even more!
  • Keith: "This course is outstanding! I stayed away from Illustrator for many years because I was intimidated by it. Now, I am excited by it and what it can do and am finding the lessons to be very informative and educational. Am definitely looking forward to finishing this course and seeing where I can go from here..."
What will you learn in this Adobe Illustrator CC course?
  • Start by understanding the Adobe Illustrator workspace and tools
  • Dive into creating your own shapes & lines
  • Use the pen & curvature tool to improve your designs
  • Advance your graphics with strokes, pencils & brushes
  • Speed up your workflow with the shape builder tool
  • Align and distribute objects to create amazing backgrounds and textures
  • Add and stylize text to your projects
  • Create beautiful graphics with masks and compound shapes
  • Get creative with effects and advanced techniques
  • Understand color and how to use it like a pro
  • Save & export your projects for any kind of project
Real World Skills + Fun Illustrator Projects
Design your own amazing graphics while learning new skills. This Adobe Illustrator CC course is jam-packed with projects and project files for you to follow along with.
Become a Professional Graphic Designer using Adobe Illustrator CC
With the skills learned in this course, you'll have a highly-desired skill that can help you get jobs and make money as a graphic designer.
Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard application when it comes to graphic design, so it's important for you to learn it if you want to be a professional designer.
  • Christopher: "I just finished this course. I had ZERO experience with a Ai and I feel that this would have been the best path to get familiar with the software. Not only was I new to Ai I was also new to the Mac I purchased specifically for this software. The explanations were spot on especially when explaining the command differences between Mac and PC."
Why learn Adobe Illustrator CC from us?
This course is a collaboration between Phil Ebiner & Daniel Walter Scott who have worked together to design a course that you'll love. These top-rated instructors have taught hundreds of thousands of students around the world, and can't wait to serve you.
We promise to help you learn Adobe Illustrator CC, no matter what it takes. If you ever get stuck, just post a message to the course dashboard and we'll be there to support you.
Our Happiness Guarantee
If you aren't happy with your purchase, we have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. There's literally no reason to hesitate!

Enroll now, and we'll see you inside the course!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to start using Illustrator in their career & get paid for their Illustrator skills.
  • Newbies, amateurs, graphic designers, motion graphics artists and any creatives who want to design their own graphics from scratch.

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Hello there, I really grateful for you guys. You had done great job with beautiful explanation. One thing I wish you wrote that "this course is for beginner". Some tools you haven't covered them. Gave an example how a flyer can appear on the screen. If you didn't tell us how can we create a flyer, why you offer that flyer.Again, thank you so much for your effort, I really appreciate it.

Great course! Thank you guys! I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Explain simply, clearly and with humor. It's very pleasant to study with you. Many thanks for your excellent work :)

It covered the basic as it should. It did make me more confident with illustrator which is the most important thing. Now I will practise

Photoshop Essentials was the first course I took from Dan. It was really good. I therefore decided to take my chances with Illustrator Essentials, and it was totally worth it. Very well paced and organized for beginners. Can't wait to get the Advanced courses from Dan.

I really enjoyed this course! I took a beginner course before this so I wasn't sure if I should take this because I thought it was just another beginner course. It was so much more, it teaches you so many things, things I didn't even learn in the masterclass. I loved that there were so many projects to complete also.

The way the tutorials are presented is very good, It is only when you get to assignment sections when you present your assignments you never get any feedback. That's why 3 and 5 stars for me. Don't get me wrong he is a very good instructor I have already enrolled to his Illustrator advanced course and also taking his advanced Photoshop Course. My only complain is not getting any feedback in all his courses, maybe he has to many courses going at the same time that becomes overwhelming. The other time he wrote that he has a team of five people helping him and things would improve and honestly nothing has.

Wonderful course. Love the instructors and the way they go right to the hands-on basics of using Ai! One change I would suggest...the instructor needs to talk more slowly and be more careful to show what he is clicking on. Some of us don't have the basics down yet.

This course was a really great introduction to Illustrator. Dan is a good instructor, he knows what he is talking about and explains everything clearly while keeping it entertaining. I like that there were lots of projects/assignments throughout so that I was able to practice. I am thinking of signing up for the advanced course next, because while this taught me a lot, I feel like there is still a lot I don't know.

Perfect course for me. I already have experience with Final Cut and very little Fotoshop. Illustrator is total new for me. Everything is very well explained. In most cases I can follow very easy and if not I hear again or slow down the speed of speach. Great course. Thank you!

I got a lot out of it and not new to it. I have been remiss in keeping up, while still performing well as a graphic designer. Why I decided I needed to brush up, and glad I was humble enough to take this course, which would be great for a beginner as well. Dan has a nice manner about him, I found the course easy to digest and get through (over I think 5 days worked well for me, with some repetition). Good exercises that made the tolls easy to understand that I hadn't used before that will save me a lot of time. Also want to say the last 2020 updates section was a solid addition, rounded outthe experience, and I will jump into the advanced one shortly. Thanks.

This is the second course I have finished of Dans in the last few weeks. I did the Photoshop Essentials (5 Stars!) and now the Illustrator Essentials. I have just started the Advanced versions of Dans Photoshop & Illustrator courses. This guy is just such a fantastic teacher and an awesome dude. Honestly, I wish I would have had a teacher like this back when I was at school. These courses have really meant a lot to me. I am 44 years old and have battled with a long term illness for the last 20 years. It took away my career as a musician and left me completely housebound. I recently bought an iMac and discovered Udemy randomly one day. Which led me to Dan. I've always liked Art & Design but never thought I could ever be good enough to do anything about it. These courses have breathed new life into me, well into my brain lols. Dan just has such a great way of giving you so much information but breaking it all down into manageable pieces. My condition makes my brain very foggy so I find it hard to focus sometimes. But the courses are so fun and engaging I'm actually finding it easy to take it all in. I can not recommend Dan's courses highly enough. I would love to get to the point where I could actually do some freelance work from home. That's my goal for the future. The reason I mentioned my health is that I know there are so many people like myself out there who are maybe doubting their own abilities for whatever reason. But if you have any interest in Graphic Design this is definitely the best place to start. Even if you've never done something like this before I guarantee you will enjoy every minute of this. And check out the rest of Dan's courses, I'll probably end up doing them all lol.

I just finished the course and it is definitely a Great Starter course, just enough technical info to get you making things but not so much that it gets boring! Dan makes the course interesting and informative. I recommend this course to anyone who is really looking to move their AI skills to the next level! Great Job Dan, I am looking forward to the Advanced Course!