Advanced Google Analytics course + 77 practical questions (

Google Analytics course covering slightly advanced topics such as assisted conversions, attribution or custom reports.

Created by: Pavel Brecik

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • A bit advanced Google Analytics concepts such as assisted conversions and calculated metrics
  • How attribution works in general and that it's not only about traffic sources
  • What are scopes and why their knowledge is fundamental
  • How events work and which ones makes sense to use
  • Many custom things like reports, dimensions, metrics, channel grouping and alerts
  • How regular expressions can save time and how to easily automate reports outside GA
  • Sessions and clicks are completely different metrics

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Course Description

The course follows the previous one "Ultimate Google Analytics course + 50 practical examples" and is designed for all of you who already spent some time in Google Analytics and want to enrich your current knowledge. I assume you know how the session is defined and who/what user is :).
The course will cover topics such as Attribution, Assisted conversions, Top conversion paths, Scopes or couple of custom things like dimensions and metrics, alerts or reports. We'll explain how and why the volume of sessions and clicks differs and if you evaluate paid campaigns from tools like Google Ads or Facebook Ads you will be surprised how misleading data you're driven by.Who this course is for:
  • Google Analytics users who already know a bit more than how interface looks like :).

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Instructor Details

Pavel Brecik

It's said data is new black gold. Instead of oil everyone can drill the data. Let's try it and make your next business decision based on data not on feeling.
My focus is especially on data-driven marketing and decision making. In ideal case explained by short stories using Google Analytics :).
I've started with Web Analytics at AVG Technologies, then I worked in the biggest Czech agency h1[.]cz and currently in Mall Group, where I'm responsible for analytics for the whole company. You can bribe me with smoky whisky and sour espresso. I'm based in Prague, Czech republic.



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compared to his 'beginner' training, which gives very basic information with no decent order to my opinion, this training is a great piece of work in terms of discovering rarely-used features such as attribution, scopes and multi-channel conversion etc. and realizing misinterpreted dimensions and metrics. very useful and recommended for the users who know a bit more about GA basics

After the first course by Pavel I had no doubt that this one is also amazing. The course program is well structured, and even if something is not very clear and you have any questions Pavel never makes you wait for an answer too long.

All topics are just briefly introduced. I hoped it would go more into detail.The English could be more fluent sometimes.However, you see that they do their best.

Pavel created a really nice course with a lot of ideas for in-depth analysis and practical advises on how to apply them. I highly recommend the course to everyone who already knows all the basics of GA and is seeking for further data analysis ideas.

A very well rounded course. A few errors in terms of quiz questions as those questions were never covered, but assumed based on you trying out the examples given on your own.

Pavel has done a great job covering a ton of content in terms of breadth and depth given the duration of the course. It's also chock-full of excellent resources for further exploration. For more seasoned users, it's a great refresher and you may find yourself learning a thing or two (or more) with some insight. For a new user, this definitely equips you with more than you need to start doing an awesome job with GA.

The explanation quite easy to understand, the good thing is he gives insight from his previous experience and make as an example. Definitely, love this course!

Explained many complicated concepts in a clear manner. Definitely worth to check it out

I work as a Digital Marketing Specialist, mainly for B2B segment, so the reason I took this course is that, I wanted to refresh my knowledge and deepen my knowledge in some parts of GA. However I had already known quite a lot at the beginning, I honestly must say, that this course is worth of money. Pavel is really good lector and his course is well structured with good content. I can highly recommend this course for everyone, who would like to extend existing knowledge of GA.

Excellent cours, trs clair et trs bien expliqu avec beaucoup d'exemples pratiques. Chaudement recommand!

Best training on Google Analytics I have come across. It has depth, its practical and made very easy to understand

Love it, great explanations and practical application. Highly recommend -