Affinity Designer- Design artistic text and Create Fonts (

Every technique you need to design artistic text and fonts in Affinity Designer

Created by: Jeremy Hazel

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Create beautiful artistic based text for a variety of applications
  • Interface with Font Forge to import the vectors from Affinity Designer into the font creation program
  • Integrate text into advanced composite images to make your art come alive and convey a message
  • Master the tools like mask layers and adjustment layers to create complex vector based graffiti art

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Thanks for checking out this brand new master's course on text in Affinity Designer
The written word is one of the most powerful communication tools to ignite a feeling or move someone to action, and when combined with visually stunning presentation the result is nothing short of spectacular. This is why we created an ENTIRE COURSE ON ARTISTIC TEXT, TYPOGRAPHY AND FONT CREATION in Affinity Designerto get you off and running with text that looks as good as your graphics, welcome to the master's class.
We wrote the book on the most comprehensive Affinity Designer Course on the market todayand we have followed up the best seller with the first COMPLETE Course on the subject of text in Affinity Designer. We cover the concept of text from all angles, including:
How to create advertising centric text composition and let the text sell your story
How to create Graffiti and visual street art style images to evoke a reaction in the viewer
How to integrate images with photo to create moving stories that are visually pleasing
How to utilize the powerful tools in Designer to integrate with Font Forge and create your own font
We also covered the tried and true design principles common to ANY typography, so you get the design education as well as the technical know -how to get the job done. This course is taught from a perspective of PROJECT and WORKFLOW, each section contains:
All the technical aspects you will need to master to get the projects completed
Challenge guided projects in each section that build on knowledge gained in other lessons
Field challenge to connect with the concepts actually out in the real world.
Included in the course you get:
40+ video lessons
All the project files for each lesson to follow along
Access to experienced instructors
Access to social media support groups dedicated to Affinity Designer
Lifetime Access to the course and ALL future updates and additions
7 different projects to jumpstart your creative portfolio
Why 7th Season Studios
With over 11,000 students, and a strong instructor ranking 7th Season Studios is the premier instructor in the Affinity space to get you from familiar to mastering text .lets see what some of our other students have said about the courses 7th Seasons teaches for Affinity Designer:
"Great pace, Excellent Examples and Exercises, Clear voice. This course will get you up to speed to designing web art with Affinity. The course is definitely optimized for the student to develop many skills in a relatively brief period of time."- Guillermo
"Very much enjoying the course so far. Explanations are clear, concise, and thorough. This is most helpful because I'm very much a newbie."- Susan
"This is a packed course! Excellent. Ties in a bit of practical application of the tools in the real world. Instructor also gives excellent examples of when to use certain tools, effects, modes for which practical application: ie, bevel emboss used in icons often. I also loved the deconstruction exercises"- Julie

At the end of the course you will be able to
  • Feel confident in your knowledge of typography and text
  • Create complex vector art from start to finish
  • Utilize design principles to make the message match the medium
With so many students, high reviews and a desire to learn..we look forward to seeing you on the inside and making your vision for creation a reality. Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to use text in ANY form within Affinity Designer , we cover design principles as well as technical application
  • Anyone looking to apply text to Tshirt design, advertising , website creation or anything else you can possibly place text on
  • Someone looking to grown their skillset by actually doing projects, we cover the technical items in each project...but at the end of the day we are creators

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Instructor Details

Jeremy Hazel

With over 20 years tattooing , and almost 40 of being a creative I have been into art since I got something I can draw with in my hand. Starting out in more traditional mediums I cut my teeth in pencil, charcoal, and acrylic painting until discovering tattooing. This began a love affair with art and lead me to open 7th seasons studios. Nothing inspires a higher level of perfection than knowing the client will walk around with my art for the rest of their lives.
After completing a masters in business and having to manage the marketing of a successful shop I quickly realized that the future of art is digital and I began making my own show banners and managing my own website. This sealed the deal and digital art has replaced the traditional pen an ink for me.
Furthermore the industry has changed to such a degree that more and more clients and artists are demanding digital skills i the design and application of art, and so I saw a significantly under served market in people with existing talent, but lacking digital
As a career teacher the most rewarding portion of what i do is seeing someone learn what they previously thought what out of reach and gain a confidence through the learning process....I identify with that because i m a firm believer in the beginner mindset and the idea of a life long learner. To me, art is as essential as breathing and I cannot even narrow down all the ways I express myself through various mediums, that is one of the best competitive advan



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Le travail par projet est intressant, il permet d'utiliser toute une gamme de techniques sur des sujets "rels".

The teacher is very knowledgeable on the subject of Affinity Serif products and has created a course on a niche topic - artistic text and fonts with Affinity Designer - that I couldn't find elsewhere. He is clear and concise in his teaching style, and his down-to-earth attitude goes a long way in making the student feel confident.

Learning new stuff by watching this video lesson. Its very easy to watch on my iPhone 8+.

I love your courses! I'm learning Affinity Designer so quickly and thoroughly that I'm able to turn around and work on projects immediately.

Great course! Great teacher! If you're looking to level up your text/typography skills then I highly recommend you take this course.

overall good course but I did not like the teaching style of the course but good overall

Yes it was a good course with lots of good resources. Liked it a lot. Thanks

I initially thought I would be able to create my own font from scratch, but hey, this is interesting so, I will learn this skill as well!!!

Excellent so far!!!

Wow Great Thank you!

Learned something new about Affinity Designer.

I am learning a lot and having fun. I started this course on Skillshare and am glad to continue it. Jeremy is a great instructor.